Renato Balestra, doyen of high fashion – Culture & Shows has died

La fermezza di re Carlo III e le lacrime di

by Patrizia Vacalebri Goodbye to Renato Balestra, dean of Roman haute couture couturiers. He was 98 years old. He passed away this evening in a Roman clinic, after a brief hospitalization. The press office and his daughters, Federica and Fabiana, gave the news. Together with their niece Sofia, they will manage the brand and the … Read more

Federico Fashion Style in tears for his daughter: “You have no idea what my ex is doing to me”

Federico Fashion Style in tears for his daughter You have

The finished love with Letizia PorcuWhen his long social outburst begins, Federico Fashion Style (born Federico Lauri) is angry but controlled. “I want to say something very important… between me and her it was a long time since there was more love”. He begins by referring to the story with Letizia Porcu. He explains that … Read more

Federico Fashion Style, the pain is devastating: unfortunately there was nothing to do | A sea of ​​tears –

Federico Fashion Style the pain is devastating unfortunately there was

These are very difficult days for Federico Fashion Style who appeared decidedly different from how many have come to know him. But what happened? In the last few days Federico Fashion Style ended up in the spotlight because of one personal situation who saw him as the protagonist. Federico Fashion Style web source – … Read more

Curiosity about who is Federico Lauri? Federico Fashion Style, wife, partner, children, Letizia Porcu and private life – Controcopertina

Federico Lauri’s talent is global: here are some details about him taken from the Real Time transmission the Hall of Wonders. Federico Lauri is one of the most renowned hairdressers in Italy thanks to years of training and sacrifices. How did it get to this point? He is one of the biggest names in hairdressing … Read more

Marras taken over by Mr. Calzedonia: “Our fashion will reach the people”

Marras taken over by Mr Calzedonia Our fashion will reach

from Paola Pollo Veronesi enters the Sardinian luxury brand with 80%. The announcement and the projects: “We understood each other immediately” Milan – The announcement is one of those who rock the fashion world. They shake him in a positive way. Because it is a new (good) novel. Antonio Marras is now 80 percent of … Read more

Right-wing «Vogue» is born: fashion lined up with sheath dresses and boots for Trump fans

LIVE Atletica Diamond League Stoccolma 2022 in DIRETTA Folorunso ottima

from Marilisa Palumbo The Conservateur magazine, conceived by Jayme Franklin and Isabelle Redfield, who had worked at the White House: «Long live motherhood. Abortion strengthens patriarchy ” FROM OUR NEW YORK REPORT «Vogue he hates conservative women more than he loves fashion ». It was the first months of the administration Bidenthe most famous fashion … Read more

Shein’s “short-term” fashion is beginning to dislike – Il Post

Putin forced to downsize the objectives We just want to

Last April, the Chinese fast fashion (i.e. very cheap fashion clothing) online store Shein was valued at 100 billion dollars, about 96 billion euros, more than H&M and Zara combined, and almost 7 times the figure at which the same company was rated in 2020. Shein’s e-commerce is particularly appreciated by an audience of young … Read more

Goodbye skimpy triangles and high-cut swimsuits, this model for the beach is back in fashion that covers imperfections and does not force us to always check ourselves

It is now time for holidays by the sea, and Italians are beginning to pour in large numbers on the beaches of Italy and Europe. But many women are faced with a dilemma when it comes time to pack their suitcase: which swimsuit is better to choose? There is an embarrassment of choice as regards … Read more

This much-loved skirt is back in fashion for summer 2022, but in some cases it is to be avoided so as not to appear clumsy

In fashion often styles and accessories already seen are back in vogue on runways occasionally in the past. The creative can be inspired by observing nature and architecture but also artistic expressions dating back thousands of years. This is what often happens and it happened in particular at the beginning of the twentieth century Mariano … Read more

Charlotte Casiraghi at the Chanel fashion show with her mom and mother-in-law

Charlotte Casiraghi at the Chanel fashion show with her mom

BITE OF THE VIPER Suitable for this occasion The parade of Chanel it’s a family matter for Monaco royalty. And if the show takes place in the Principality it is a must to be there. The fashion show for the collection was staged on the beach of the Monte Carlo Beach hotel on May 5th … Read more