Covid and chronic fatigue, one in three infected is affected: here’s why (and how to fight it)

1674935066 Covid and chronic fatigue one in three infected is affected

Discovered the mechanism of action that leads to the state of fatigueor disabling exhaustion, related to LongCovid which affects 1 in 3 people infected with SARS-CoV-2: is triggered by a deficiency of arginine, an amino acid naturally produced by the body. This is demonstrated by a study on long Covid conducted by the Agostino Gemelli … Read more

Chronic fatigue: what are the causes and what remedies can you use to defeat it

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Especially in the winter season, it happens to many people to experience symptoms compatible with those of chronic fatigue. In fact, an analysis reveals that one in five people feel very tired. Nevertheless, when can we really talk about chronic fatigue? It is a pathology that is identified by a sense of persistent tiredness and … Read more

Mental fatigue? Nutrition makes the difference: here are the foods to defeat it

Mental fatigue Nutrition makes the difference here are the foods

Mental fatigue is a disorder that many Italians suffer from, but with the right diet it is possible to defeat this disease. Let’s see in detail what to do and what are the recommended foods. Mental fatigue it is a small ailment that everyone in life has to deal with sooner or later. A symptom … Read more

Listen to your body! Fatigue is a signal to pay close attention to to preserve the brain (and avoid disastrous choices)

Listen to your body Fatigue is a signal to pay

Working too much with the mind makes us fatigued and tired just as if we were doing a physically strenuous job: this is why we must not underestimate the signals that our body sends us @ IrynaKalamurza / Shutterstock Not surprisingly, at the end of a day of intense physical work, you feel tired and … Read more

Interview with Boris Johnson: «No to a bad peace for Ukraine, the West does not give in to the fatigue of war. Putin must fail “

from Luigi Ippolito The British Prime Minister: «The Ukrainians will not accept a frozen conflict in which the Tsar is able to continue to threaten further violence and aggression. We must go back to the borders before February 24th ». “We will always offer security support to Europe.” The economic crisis and the costs of … Read more

Fatigue, headache and constipation should not be underestimated, plus other symptoms attributable to the deficiency of this mineral which is not potassium

Statistics, to date, report that 70% of the population accuse a lack of an essential mineral for the body. It is involved in nearly 300 enzymatic reactions, which is why, in its absence, the main internal mechanisms of the body are compromised. The cause of the lack of intake of this mineral has its roots … Read more

If we suffer from insomnia and nocturnal awakenings we should eat this fruit rich in melatonin and antioxidants useful against muscle fatigue

Many people suffer from insomnia and nocturnal awakenings, two conditions that put a strain on the nervous system and also the immune system. In fact, it is not uncommon for those suffering from insomnia to present muscle weakness and various recurrent ailments more frequently. Lack of sleep, moreover, is one of the main causes of … Read more

How is Queen Elizabeth really doing? Malaise, absence from the Jubilee and (natural) fatigue

Elizabeth deserter mass in St Paul’s Cathedral today but is expected to appear again on the balcony of Buckingham Palace at the end of the great popular parade FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT LONDON – How is the queen really? A legitimate question, raised by the sudden decision of the sovereign, Thursday evening, not to participate this … Read more

Widespread fatigue, headaches and visual disturbances could be a wake-up call for this rare tumor that is often benign

Headache and narrowing of the visual field are very common and non-specific symptoms. For this reason it is very difficult to immediately ascribe them to some specific pathology. However, if, after more in-depth clinical investigations, an abnormal level of some hormones is found, then we could be diagnosed with a pituitary adenoma. Let’s see what … Read more

Fever and fatigue associated with skin irritation could be symptoms of this immune system abnormality affecting joints and kidneys

It is a chronic systemic autoimmune disease that can affect nerves, kidneys and joints, causing severe damage and severe pain. It is chronic because symptoms can last longer than 6 weeks and last for many years. The starting point is the immune system that fights viruses and bacteria through proteins called antibodies that protect the … Read more