Why are petrol and diesel increasing? Is it just the fault of excise duties?

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The effect of the excise cut stop is starting to be felt: fuel prices are rising, with petrol in self-service exceeding 1.8 euros and diesel soaring towards 1.87, while on “service” we are just under 2 euros for petrol (1.95 euros/litre) and already over for the diesel (2.02 euros/litre). In addition to the effects of … Read more

CASANO: “With Napoli the maturity test failed” – PALOMBELLA: “The fault lies above all with Mourinho”

CASANO With Napoli the maturity test failed PALOMBELLA The

After the narrow defeat against Napoli, the performance of the Giallorossi is analyzed in the Roman ether, focusing on individual limits: “There are 15 games, only 2 times out of 30 times in the 45 minutes Roma managed to score more than one goal. For me it is chilling. I refuse to talk about moments … Read more

Covid deaths are the fault of a bacterial infection – Focus.it

There is often talk of the tens of millions of deaths caused by the pandemic Spanish influence of 1918: but are we sure that it was really the H1N1 virus that killed the sick? According to reports an article from The Conversation written by immunologist Hayley Muendlein, often the cause of deaths of those infected … Read more

Aurora Ramazzotti to women: “Don’t men know where the clitoris is? Tell them, otherwise it’s your fault” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Stop to thermal cars the prospects for Italy

Take the G-spot, which has caused generations to question its exact location. But really there are so many men who don’t even know where the clitoris is? Aurora Ramazzotti think so. So the daughter of Eros Ramazzotti and Michelle Hunziker decides to improvise one sex education lesson while traveling by train. Objective: to improve the … Read more

If you don’t lose weight, it’s not your fault, but your diet: the tricks to get real results

If you dont lose weight its not your fault but

If you really want to lose weight and get great results, you don’t have to pay too much attention to your diet: that’s where everyone is wrong! There are so many people who have been battling a lifetime of weight problems, whether it is excess or short. If you don’t lose weight, it’s not your … Read more

One in three people feel uncomfortable in video calls: the fault of “dysmorphophobia”

from Danilo di Diodoro The frequent use of online meetings puts many people in difficulty and there is an increase in cases of dysmorphophobia, the disorder that leads to magnifying one’s defects (sometimes non-existent) and pushes to retouch one’s image was called the zoom effect thatdissatisfaction with one’s image, especially the face, which many have … Read more

Invasive aspergillosis: if you have these respiratory symptoms it could be the fault of mold that has become resistant to fungicides

Invasive aspergillosis if you have these respiratory symptoms it could

© drmicrobe / 123rf.com Aspergillosis is a disease that affects the respiratory system and is caused by a common type of mold, Aspergillus fumigatus, spread all over the world. Most people breathe in mold spores every day without contracting the disease. However, people with weak immune systems or with previous medical conditions have a higher … Read more