War Russia Ukraine, Moscow: the Makiivka massacre favored by the (forbidden) use of cell phones, the responsible officials will be punished

War Russia Ukraine Moscow the Makiivka massacre favored by the

Putin orders patriotic documentaries in cinemas. They will be dedicated to the invasion of Ukraine and the fight against the “neo-Nazi” ideology of Kiev. This was reported by the Moscow Times, explaining that the Ministry of Culture has until February 1st to implement the order. The Ministry of Defense has been ordered to assist Russian … Read more

Lighthouse on the EU’s “open skies”: the agreement that favored Qatar

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Between 2019 and 2021, the European Union negotiated a comprehensive agreement oncivil aviation with Qatar which was fulfilled in the formalization of the agreement which took place on 18 October 2021. A treaty in the style open skies comparable to those that the EU has formalized with the United States, Canada, Morocco, Georgia, Jordan, Moldova, … Read more