“I’m dying”, fear for the former castaway of L’Isola dei Famosi: all with bated breath – cilentolive.com

Im dying fear for the former castaway of LIsola dei

After many unforeseen events and inconveniences, the former castaway, protagonist of The Island of the Famous 2022, continues to feel bad. “I’m dying,” she confesses on social media, to express the physical and psychological suffering she is facing. Where does the shipwrecked lament come from? Forced to abandon the reality and to return to Italy … Read more

Fear for Alessia Marcuzzi: “I thought I was going to die, Francesco Facchinetti’s wife saved me”

Putin forced to downsize the objectives We just want to

On Sunday DJ Francesco and ex-partner Alessia Marcuzzi in the company of their respective spouses and children met in London to spend a carefree family dinner. What was supposed to be a fun night out quickly turned into a nightmare. Alessia Marcuzzi risked dying of suffocation. To save her life, as the Roman presenter herself … Read more

UN, fear for Zaporizhzhia: “Attacking the plant is suicide” | Ukraine Russia, news on today’s war

Putin forced to downsize the objectives We just want to

from Lorenzo Cremonesi and Giusi Fasano The news of Monday 8 August, live. The alarm from the United Nations Secretary General. While Zelensky warns the Russians about referendums in the occupied territories • The war in Ukraine al 166th day. • Bombing continues near the Zaporizhizia nuclear power plant. • The president of Ukraine Volodymyr … Read more

Smallpox of monkeys, Bassetti: “From the ministry there should be no fear of saying who is most affected by it”

Smallpox of monkeys Bassetti From the ministry there should be

ROME – “I believe that on the part of the Ministry of Health there should be no fear in saying and writing which category of people is most interested from an epidemiological point of view. To speak of equal risk for the entire population, I think it is a sensational mistake that we have been … Read more

Fear of a new type of diabetes affecting adolescents and young people

LIVE Italy Greece 10 8 waterpolo 2022 World Cup LIVE Hellenics back

A mysterious form of diabetes, which affects millions of people worldwide every year, is spreading rapidly around the world. Although it was discovered 70 years ago, there is still no effective treatment. The disease would be closely related to malnutritionis in fact particularly widespread in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia, e it mainly affects adolescents and … Read more

Sweden and the Kurds, fear of Moscow “freezes” the unconditional acceptance of Stockholm

Sweden and the Kurds fear of Moscow freezes the unconditional

Born? Yes thanks. Intrusion of Ankara in Swedish politics? Absolutely no. Government estate in the hands of a single Kurdish parliamentarianof Iranian origin? Unacceptable. Swedish public opinion does not violate the social etiquette that bans politics from subjects convivialbut this time it comes very close, thanks to the approach of the elections from September that … Read more

Risk of chaos in airports in Europe between strikes and breakdowns, the cases in Spain and France: the fear of the domino effect on Italy

Ukraine Lukashenko admits This war has been dragging on for

There is a risk of a tense month of July in Italian airports, struggling with the first strikes of the flight personnel of low cost airlines in Europe. With the easing of pandemic restrictions and the resumption of international travel, airlines and stopovers were caught off guard. Travelers are back, but staff numbers have remained … Read more

Tu si que vales, the competitor remains suspended tens of meters high: fear live

Salami or mortadella heres what to choose in the summer

Ramon Kathriner was one of the protagonists of Tu si que vales where he showed all his qualities as a tightrope walker. Tu si que Vales, how the program works As for the conduct of the program, it was once again entrusted to Belen Rodriguez, Alessio Sakara and Martin Castrogiovanni. At their side Giulia Stabilethe … Read more

Laetitia Casta: “I didn’t want to marry Accorsi”. And she reveals her greatest fear

Career, youth, but also the more private sphere: Laetitia Casta he told of his many souls. From that of a child, to that of a girl who is noticed on a beach by a photographer, to that of an actress. She who got to know cinema very late. And also the non-marriage with Stefano Accorsi. … Read more

How to firm arms and legs with these effective exercises to wear skirts and vests without fear even at the age of 50

With the warm season advancing, you have to be prepared for the costume fitting. If we want to go to the beach without worries and wear our favorite clothes, we will need to know how to get in shape. A good workout remains the best method, especially if it targets multiple critical areas of the … Read more