Zelensky’s great fear and the visit of the head of the CIA to Kiev

Zelenskys great fear and the visit of the head of

Suspended between the hope of receiving the required weapons and military means and the fear that the Western bloc’s tap might turn off, or at least shrink, for strategic reasons. Volodymyr Zelensky is going through hours of apprehension trying to figure out which path the people will want to take United Statesmain partners of Kiev … Read more

Children of Silentown, the review of an adventure about fear and silence

Children of Silentown the review of an adventure about fear

The review of Children of Silentown, an Italian point and click adventure for PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch that talks about fear and silence. Lucy is a little girl who lives with her parents in a village surrounded by a forest where everyone follows stringent rules: you don’t go around the streets after sunset, you … Read more

Face to face with Health | Menopause? No fear. Midwife’s advice

Face to face with Health Menopause No fear Midwifes

Vaginal mucosa and pelvic floor: the less talked-about ailments of menopause, a ‘normality’ for many women that can be alleviated The advice of the midwife Maddalena Cattaneo and the services offered by the In Salus center in Lecco LECCO – The menopause it is a phase in a woman’s life in which we have a … Read more

Investigation into fake green passes, Madame speaks: “I am a victim of fear of my parents. Now I’m ready to get vaccinated” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Maldini Milan are not satisfied with a Scudetto the Champions

L’negative influence of the family and alternative medicine. There confusion and the silence during the waves of Covid. Then, with the pandemic loosening its grip, the desire to read up and the beginning of a journey of vaccination. In between, the investigation of the Prosecutor of Vicenzawho entered her in the register of suspects for … Read more

Madame: «I didn’t get the vaccine out of fear. Now I’ve changed my mind. Here’s how she fared”

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

Of Laura Zangarini The singer intervenes on social media to motivate her choice not to initially resort to the vaccine: «In the family, for various reasons, we doubt doctors and the remedies of traditional medicine. But this story of mine made my parents think too” Before Christmas his name had appeared under ainvestigation into fake … Read more

Lukaku: “Napoli? Respect, not fear. Ibra is doing a lot for… that team there”

Romelu’s words to Sky: from his fan son to the relationship with Dimarco and Dzeko, from future plans to the difficulties of returning: “The flexor tendon was broken…”. Closing on the relationship with Zlatan without mentioning Milan From the injury (“the flexor tendon was broken”), to the love for Inter (“my son plays in the … Read more

CR7 of Arabia: now the Portuguese fear the betrayal of the 2030 world candidacy

CR7 of Arabia now the Portuguese fear the betrayal of

A check for 1 billion and 200 million euros for an eight-year commitment. Cristiano Ronaldo has also decided to cash in on competitive decline and is doing it in the best possible way. And the details of the agreement that the former Portuguese champion is preparing to sign with the Saudis tell of how he … Read more

World Cup, fear for Iran-USA: disqualification of the United States requested. Washington: “Let’s hope for a peaceful match” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

World Cup fear for Iran USA disqualification of the United States

“The United States violate the statutes of the Fifa posting a distorted picture of Iranian flag. Section 13 of the rules explains that a penalty of 10 matches should be imposed.” These are the words of the lawyers of the Iranian football federation who are asking for the disqualification of the US national team come … Read more

Putin and the Russian retreat from Kherson that could cost him his life. “Since that day he has lived in fear”

The withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukrainian territories is giving the president of the Federation, Vladimir, a bad time Putin. So much so that from the entourage of Ukrainian President Zelensky they believe that the tsar now lives in fear. Earlier this month, the Russia announced his retirement from the region of Khersonmarking one of … Read more

Ukraine-Russia, news from the war today. The fear of the great cold: “10 million citizens without electricity”

Grand Hotel 3 Anticipazioni 12 agosto 2022 La Quarta Puntata

Snow falls from the sky and bombs fall. Bombing continues on Ukrainian soil: the Russians have hit Kiev, Odessa Dnipro and Zaporizhzhia where there have been 7 victims. But the concern is also for the big cold coming. The first snowfall of the season at Kiev and the approaching winter will affect the operations of … Read more