Blood analysis, a bracelet will replace the syringe: Federico II University project presented –

Blood analysis a bracelet will replace the syringe Federico II

in the photo Vincenzo Santagada, Antonio CIttadini and Maria Triassi “Thanks to the Biosensing laboratories, within a few years it will no longer be necessary to take blood samples for analysis, but the application of a simple bracelet will be enough to measure blood sugar, electrolytes, sodium, potassium and bnp for heart failure, with the … Read more

The powerful lobby that has no interest in extinguishing inflation | Federico Rampini

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

Is there a big, dirty secret that will keep us from figuring out inflation? If there is, it is called debt. Inflation reduces it, and therefore there is a very powerful lobby that has an unspeakable interest in not crushing price increases: the large debtors of the planet, starting with the states. A theme that … Read more

The (sensational) mistake we risk making to free ourselves from Russia’s blackmail | Federico Rampini

The West was closely linked to Russian gas and oil. Now it is turning (again) to the Middle East to increase crude oil production (and “cool” inflation) and to China for solar panels and infrastructure for alternative energy. But is this a good idea? To free ourselves from the blackmail of the Russian bear, are … Read more