“My mother tried to kill me”, Paola Ferrari’s terrible past

My mother tried to kill me Paola Ferraris terrible past

In this season of human and professional maturity, Paola Ferrari has decided to share with the public the most painful, disturbing and complex passages of his existence to testify how and how much that silence has marked his path and is of support to those who have not yet had the determination to face violence … Read more

F1 today, Dutch GP schedules live LIVE: where to see him on TV8 and Sky, Verstappen on pole in front of the Ferraris

F1 today Dutch GP schedules live LIVE where to see

There Formula 1 back today for the Dutch GPfifteenth grand prix of the F1 2022 World Championship. Departure time at 3 pm, live TV and streaming on Sky and at 6 pm on TV and free streaming on TV8. Verstappen on pole in the starting grid in front of Leclerc And Sainz (within 92 thousandths) … Read more

Remember the Peugeot 205? Have you ever seen one that costs more than 3 Ferraris combined? Look at this

Remember the Peugeot 205 Have you ever seen one that

He had the merit of reviving the Peugeot after the flop of the 104, which was literally outclassed by the Renault 5. Ok that was one of the biggest hits in Peugeot’s history. But this 205 is really something of an exaggeration. Such a price had never been seen before. Never before this auction that … Read more

Ferraris: «We will invest 190 billion in infrastructures and technologies. The challenge? Modernizing the country “

Aeroitalia the Italian company with foreign funds that takes off

There are not many companies in the world that are preparing to launch an investment plan of over 190 billion euros within the next 10 years. One of these companies is Italian. And around that plan, which represents anything but the continuation of what has been done up to now, much of the national game … Read more