Exciting weekend: Teodorico in Fitness, Morgan, Post Talk and many festivals

West Nile in Italia 94 casi e 7 morti Forte

There are great shows and appetizing festivals, cultural visits and fitness appointments during the weekend in Ravenna and its province. There are many cultural events including European Heritage Days, Mens-A and Post Talk, then Morgan arrives in concert and sports and prevention at the Teodorico park. Let’s find out all the appointments that await us. … Read more

Festivals July 2022 Bologna, where and when to go – What to do – ilrestodelcarlino.it

Salami or mortadella heres what to choose in the summer

Bologna, 30 June 2022 – La festival it is that traditional event that recurs every year, to which you get used to it over time, to the point of taking it for granted and sometimes devaluing it. Instead, it is an exquisitely Italian characteristic, that of “celebrating” a dish for its being such. For this … Read more

Monkey pox, doctors alarm: “Summer festivals are super diffusers”

As of May 26, the overall confirmed cases of monkeypox there were 257 and about 120 suspected ones. But “the situation is evolving rapidly” and the World Health Organization predicts that identified cases “will increase as surveillance expands to non-endemic countries, as well as to countries known to be endemic that have not reported cases … Read more