Russians in golden exile in Montenegro: those who do not want to fight are hiding among villas and yachts

TIVAT (MONTENEGRO) “I don’t think about going back to Russia, I don’t want to die at the front.” Igor, 42, is worried: for himself, but above all for relatives and friends who have remained at home. Between the luxurious buildings of the seafront and the yacht moored in Tivat, the summer of Montenegro it never … Read more

Gosens: “I said no to Bayer, I want to fight at Inter. I’m happy and … “

War in Ukraine where are we armies blocked south disputed

To all Robin Gosens. Directly from Germany to Sport1, the Inter winger spoke between the pitch and the transfer market Alessandro Cosattini September 23 To all Robin Gosens. Directly from Germany, where he is with his national team, the Inter winger spoke between the pitch and the transfer market. Here are the statements of him … Read more

Less electricity during peak hours and remote ‘limited’ meters: here is the Brussels plan to fight expensive energy – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Here are the advances and postponements of Serie A Milan

Reduce the power of the meters in homes during the day to reduce electricity consumption by at least 5% in times of peak of consumption. This is the European strategy according to what we read in the conclusions of the summit on Friday between the EU ministers in which the Commission to prepare a consumption … Read more

How to fight inflation at 8%, here are some tips for families

LIVE Atletica Diamond League Stoccolma 2022 in DIRETTA Folorunso ottima

And if living everyday life is becoming more and more complicated for our pockets, there is a way to defend ourselves. Here are some tips not to lighten your portfolio too much and defend yourself from record inflation. Trips – The first challenge will be finding affordable flights. And the first thing to do will … Read more

Farewell to BowelBabe, the British teacher who is a symbol of the fight against cancer. She was 40 years old

from Luigi Ippolito Deborah James had learned she was ill at 35: she turned her illness into a public fact to raise awareness among the British. William and Kate wanted to award her the title of Lady of the Empire From our correspondentLONDON – For his one million followers on Instagram he was BowelBabe (the … Read more

Ukraine, Stoltenberg: “The war can last years”. UK: “The army gets ready to fight in Europe”. Medvedev: “The EU could disappear before Kiev can enter” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

19 June 2022 15:47 Commanders of the Azov battalion in prison in Moscow Captured Azov regimental commanders in Mariupol are being held in the Lefortovo prison in Moscow. This was reported by a Russian source to Tass. 19 June 2022 15:46 US Treasury Secretary: “I don’t think recession is inevitable” “I don’t think a recession … Read more

Insect bites, precautions and natural remedies to fight the annoyance without getting to drugs

Insect bites precautions and natural remedies to fight the annoyance

Therefore, it can happen to be stung by an insect. From the “banal” mosquito to bees or wasps. Or even ticks. Here’s what to do Spring and summer are also the seasons in which, due to the climate, we have the greatest presence of insects in our environment. Some nice and poetic, like crickets, cicadas … Read more

Not only with broccoli and avocado, here are 3 tricks to fight this inflammatory disease by eating these foods and which ones to avoid to get better

Exercising is one of the most beautiful and liberating things to do. Running by the sea gives a feeling of inexplicable peace. Although physical activity is so beautiful and interesting, there are people with chronic respiratory diseases who don’t quite think so. The disease we are talking about is theasthma. With the word asthma we … Read more

“Scudetto fight? Mertens and Koulibaly prove it”: the FIFA agent attacks De Laurentiis!

Scudetto fight Mertens and Koulibaly prove it the FIFA agent

A “1 Football Club”, broadcast on 1 Station Radiointervened Sabatino Durante, FIFA agent. Here is what is highlighted: De Laurentiis said he was aiming for the Scudetto, Spalletti he seemed surprised: words of convenience or will he work in that direction?“Sometimes statements are made from the moment. The fact that it seems it will not … Read more

Very few know that this delicious seasonal fruit would promote allergies but we could also fight it with these 2 exceptional natural antihistamines

According to the latest national statistics, 1 out of 5 Italians suffer from spring allergies and rhinitis and even 1 out of 3 adolescents. More or less acute, the fact is that in recent years the percentage has definitely increased. Fault of the scarcity of precipitations, of the less and less clean air and of … Read more