WhatsApp: will finally allow the Transfer | Everyone was waiting for him – Player.it

WhatsApp will finally allow the Transfer Everyone was waiting

It can be very useful to be able to pass a WhatsApp chat from one smartphone to another, especially if you often change smartphones or if you want to use the same chat on multiple devices. A Whatsapp update will allow you to do it with one click. There are several options for passing a … Read more

PS5: Is the inventory crisis finally coming to an end?

PS5 Is the inventory crisis finally coming to an end

Some encouraging signs suggest a 2023 of wide availability for PS5, which could leave the inventory crisis behind once and for all. With the Christmas holidays now archived, the 2022 of PlayStation 5 has officially ended, a year made up of extraordinary and highly successful original and exclusive productions, which have been joined by some … Read more

Whatsapp: FINALLY the function we all wanted, absolutely everyone – Player.it

Whatsapp FINALLY the function we all wanted absolutely everyone

The evolution of modern technologies has led so many to get used to new methods of communicatingmaking trades faster and more immediate. We no longer communicate as it happened a long time ago, when send an SMS it was a choice to ponder, given the not exactly accessible cost. Among the various adjustments of the … Read more

Finally the First Home bonus | Here’s how you get it easily – Player.it

Finally the First Home bonus Heres how you get

Buying a house is very difficult for the youngest: luckily the Italian Government has introduced a bonus to help them Buying a house is the first step in building a future, a family or, simply, in obtaining some sort of economic independence. The problem is that for young people, therefore the people who most need … Read more

King Charles is finally on the circulating coins

King Charles is finally on the circulating coins

Millions of 50p coins bearing the effigy of King Charles III went into circulation from Thursday 8 December through post offices across the country. These are the very first mass-produced coins bearing the image of the new king and will be distributed in change to customers. The BBC reports that, according to official estimates, around … Read more

Smi: “Community houses are not the resolution of the crisis of family doctors. Even Fimmg has finally noticed it”

Onotri: “We agree with Undersecretary Gemmato’s perplexities and finally, after months, even Fimmg comes to our positions. We ask for a complete rethinking of DM 77 which reorganizes territorial medicine. Enough with the inauguration of cathedrals in the desert done on the skin of citizens and doctors” 30 NOV – “We do not agree with … Read more

We finally know what the real problem with Covid reinfections is and why it is best to avoid them

We finally know what the real problem with Covid reinfections

This was discovered by an American research team by analyzing the medical records of about half a million people who tested positive one, two, three or four times in Sars-Cov-2. Turn on notifications to receive updates on Since the outbreak of the Covid pandemic, it has immediately become clear that a first infection can have … Read more

Mars, finally comes the news we were waiting for: “Here are the forms of life” –

Mars finally comes the news we were waiting for Here

The red planet was a place teeming with life, but something caused a mass extinction. The same fate belongs to the Earth. The question that has always plagued all scientists is: are we alone in the universe? Finding an answer is difficult, but the red planet could help us find it. A team of scientists … Read more

Black holes, finally the truth: we have discovered … –

Black holes finally the truth we have discovered

The latest radiation analysis in black holes reveals extraordinary information about the true nature of these mysterious celestial bodies. Our universe holds countless secrets, many of them related to black holes. These celestial bodies are still a mystery to scientists, but their true nature has recently been discovered. Physicist Ahmed Almheiri of New York University … Read more

Goodbye Telepass, finally we will no longer be forced to give them our money: a gift for all motorists – solomotori.it

Goodbye Telepass finally we will no longer be forced to

Finally good news, especially for all those who frequently and regularly use the Telepass service. Several money are expected to be saved thanks to the news we are about to give you. The days when the Telepass toll payment was like a tax seem to be over. Among the typical expenses of the motorist there … Read more