Rugby – Giustizia sportiva: Ivan Nemer squalificato fino a fine stagione

Rugby Giustizia sportiva Ivan Nemer squalificato fino a fine

La sentenza del Tribunale Federale arriva in seguito all’atto razzista nei confronti del compagno di squadra Cherif Traoré Tribunale Federale: squalificato Ivan Nemer – ph. Sebastiano Pessina Il Tribunale Federale della Federazione Italiana Rugby ha squalificato il pilone del Benetton e della nazionale Ivan Nemer fino al 30 giugno 2023, ovvero fino alla conclusione della … Read more

Milan: Pioli’s faults and Maldini’s mistakes, but the owners are fine with it

Milan Piolis faults and Maldinis mistakes but the owners are

There is a climate of great pessimism around Milan, perhaps even deeper than the facts justify. It is true that Pioli’s team came out badly from the Italian Cup, but already on Wednesday they have the opportunity for immediate revenge in the Super Cup: if Milan win the Riyadh derby, no one will remember Adopo … Read more

McDonald’s relationship between colleagues: dismissal and fine of thousands of euros –

McDonalds relationship between colleagues dismissal and fine of thousands of

A story that is literally going around the world and that sees a McDonald’s employee thrown out for having had an affair with a colleague, who is then also forced to pay a substantial fine. It is not the first time that a company has banned romantic relationships between colleaguesa much more common policy than … Read more

Prezzi della benzina ancora su. Pieno costa 8,9 euro più di fine dicembre – Economia

Prezzi della benzina ancora su Pieno costa 89 euro piu

Il pieno di benzina costa 8,9 euro in più rispetto a quanto costava a fine dicembre: il calcolo arriva dal Codacons che sottolinea come si possa stimare una maggiore spesa su base annua di circa 214 euro ad automobilista. “Al di là dei casi limite registrati nelle isole o su alcune tratte autostradali, dove i … Read more

Pioli: “Maignan won’t be back soon, Theo Hernandez and Giroud are fine”

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

The Rossoneri coach at the press conference on the eve of the away match at Salernitana: “Mike can’t force and push. Finally we’re back to play. A striker from the transfer market? The managers won’t be caught unprepared” From our correspondent Marco Pasotto January 3rd – Carnago (Varese) Among the aspects in which – in … Read more

Guerra Ucraina Russia. Kiev: summit di pace a fine febbraio all’Onu

Ronaldo Playing together with Messi Everything is possible I spoke

Kiev mira a tenere un vertice di pace entro la fine di febbraio, preferibilmente alle Nazioni Unite con il segretario generale António Guterres come possibile mediatore. Lo ha annunciato il ministro degli Esteri ucraino, Dmytro Kuleba. Colpito un aeroporto militare nella regione russa di Saratov, come riferito dal ministero della Difesa russo. Tre le vittime. … Read more

Dzeko and Inter negotiate a fine for the rude gesture to Juve fans

Mario Caucci ex husband of Noemi Bocchi He knows what

Following the plea agreement reached by the parties (pursuant to art. 126 CGS), the Inter footballer Edin Dzeko was fined 5,000 euros. Inter were also fined €5,000 for strict liability. On 6 November, during the match between Juventus and Inter, the Nerazzurri player had violated art. 4 paragraph 1 of the Sports Justice Code “for … Read more

Car insurance, €3000 fine and seizure of the vehicle if this detail is not the case: everyone is being checked | go and see now –

RC insurance is one of those mandatory documents for traveling by any means, whether they are cars, motorcycles or commercial vehicles, trucks and trucks. Not only must it be valid and in good standing, but you must always carry it with you whenever you are on board. There are different penalties based on the type … Read more

Brittle hair and dry skin, a 27-year-old mother ignores the symptoms: “I’ve always been fine”. Then the shock diagnosis

Brittle hair and dry skin a 27 year old mother ignores the

Waking up at 27 and finding yourself battling thyroid cancer. The biggest nightmare that unfolds before and the awareness, in retrospect, that it could have been discovered earlier. Christina McKnight, who is now 35, fought cancer and now on TikTok she tells the importance of prevention, starting from her personal experience. … Read more

Juve, the documents of the Prisma investigation arrive at the Federal Prosecutor’s Office. From the fine to the risk of retrocession, what can happen

La fermezza di re Carlo III e le lacrime di

It was 27 October when the Federal Prosecutor Giuseppe Chiné asked the public prosecutors of Turin to access the new documents on the Prisma investigation for which two days earlier the closure of the investigations for false accounting and false invoices against the top management of the Juventus. In recent days, the documentation has arrived … Read more