Unique certification, INPS error but the fine reaches retirees

Unique certification INPS error but the fine reaches retirees

The INPS is wrong in a data on the Single Certification: 2,000 pensioners receive a fine. Here’s what could happen. These days, with the minimum very high for an infinite series of reasons, finding yourself having to shell out money for a fault that is not your own is the proverbial straw that breaks the … Read more

Anna Falchi, “È difficile…”, spunta la verità sulla fine della sua storia: i motivi dell’addio

Anna Falchi E difficile spunta la verita sulla fine della

In una lunga e intima intervista Anna Falchi ha raccontato aspetti molto personali della sua vita e ha parlato della fine della sua grande storia d’amore. Ecco perché è finita. Anna Falchi ha deciso di condividere dettagli importanti della sua vita privata e lo ha fatto in una lunga intervista in cui ha raccontato i … Read more

Sports Judge: Juve fined, 1 day and fine for Cuadrado, Fazio and Allegri. 2 days in Giampaolo. Leao, Milik and 10 others disqualified

Grand Hotel 3 Anticipazioni 12 agosto 2022 La Quarta Puntata

The Sports Judge Dr. Gerardo Mastrandrea, assisted by Stefania Ginesio and the AIA Representative Carlo Moretti, took the following decisions during the meeting of 13 September 2022. a) COMPANYFine of € 5,000.00: to the CREMONESE company to have his supporters, on the 33rd of the second half, he threw a plastic cup and a flare … Read more

Mihajlovic, letter to the Bologna fans: «Exemption that I don’t understand: one of you. I’m fine now “

West Nile in Italia 94 casi e 7 morti Forte

from Salvatore Riggio The former rossoblu coach, just exonerated, writes a letter published by Gazzetta dello Sportwhere he greets a city that has tightened around him since he discovered he had leukemia over 3 years ago: I’m fine now Nothing eternal. She writes it Sinisa Mihajlovic in the letter published by the Gazzetta dello Sport. … Read more

Claudia Cardinale: ‘I’m fine and with my children’ – Cinema

Putin forced to downsize the objectives We just want to

“I’m in full health”: after the rumors published on the web, Claudia Cardinale – who has lived in France for years – is keen to let people know that she is well and that “she is currently in a country house near Paris with her children” . “I’m next to my family – the 84-year-old … Read more

Hybrid car tax, but what a saving: if you do not pay this tax you will get a fine per day

Hybrid car tax but what a saving if you do

When we buy hybrid cars we must be careful to calculate the tax to be paid to the region. Here is the whole truth about the costs to be made. Hybrid cars saving stamp – Motori.News When we are in one dealership or in a shop of retailers of Automobiles we are always uncertain about … Read more

Smog and arrhythmias: affected in the heart by fine dust. The study of a team of cardiologists from Parma says so

Here are the advances and postponements of Serie A Milan

Pollution, and in particular fine particles, are a major contributor to fatal heart arrhythmias, soon after hypertension, smoking and poor diet, and long before high cholesterol, overweight, lack of physical activity, alcohol abuse and malnutrition. For two years the world cardiologists (and in particular a working group from Boston) have been sounding the alarm, after … Read more

Retirees, this forgetfulness is unforgivable: they give you a fine of more than 1000 euros

Retirees this forgetfulness is unforgivable they give you a fine

Italian pensioners abroad: what do they risk if they omit a communication to the Revenue Agency? Here’s what the fine is. Fine for these retirees – NanoPress.it Many retirees or many workers close to retirement decide to leave Italy to go and live abroad. There are several factors that push more and more Italians to … Read more

Fine particles could be dangerous to health and we breathe them daily even at home, here’s how

Fine particles could be dangerous to health and we breathe

According to a recent study, pollution could cause serious diseases due to the presence of fine dust. In a previous article “From fireplaces to pellets, pollution increases and heart, respiratory and stroke diseases increase”We talked about the danger of particulates present in the air. Photo Canva These by their nature have the ability to enter … Read more

Guerra Russia Ucraina, ultime notizie. Zelensky a Mykolaiv: “Non smettiamo di lavorare per la vittoria”, Kiev: negoziati a fine agosto dopo nostra controffensiva

Guerra Russia Ucraina ultime notizie Zelensky a Mykolaiv Non smettiamo

115esimo giorno di guerra in Ucraina, gli aggiornamenti in tempo reale dal conflitto di oggi 18 giugno. Ancora combattimenti in Donbass, mentre Kiev ipotizza ripresa dei colloqui con Mosca “alla fine di agosto”. Zelensky oggi a Mykolaiv: “Non smettiamo di lavorare per la vittoria”. Putin fa un discorso per colpire l’Occidente: “Finito il mondo dominato … Read more