Kind warnings, fines from 10% to 3%: the amnesty is coming

Kind warnings fines from 10 to 3 the amnesty is

With the circular of 13 January 2023 (here), Revenue agency has given instructions on the methods to be followed for payments based on the latest directives of the Budget law. Definition of amicable notices In the document signed by the director Ernesto Maria Ruffini, clarifications are provided regarding the facilitated definition of the sums due … Read more

Maneuver, the government is studying a reverse on the obligation to post. Fines outside the excerpt of files under 1000 euros to reduce the cost of the amnesty – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Maneuver the government is studying a reverse on the obligation

The Meloni government is having difficulty in pulling the strings on the modification works of the maneuver and prepares for a sensational one reverse gear on the pos. The package of amendments that was expected in budget commission at the Room Friday only arrived on Saturday, but the most significant changes have remained out and … Read more

Light and gas bills, the Antitrust fines 7 companies: “Unjustified increases for 2.6 million customers”

Lancia Prisma molto piu di una Delta con la coda

There are about 2.66 million consumers who have suffered unjustified increases in the price of bills by the energy authorities for which the Antitrust is asking for suspension. This can be read in a note from the Authority announcing the start of seven proceedings against the main companies supplying electricity and natural gas on the … Read more

No parking even on foot, article 109 of the CdS is a blow for Italians | Fines are arriving –

No parking even on foot article 109 of the CdS

Not only do cars have to be very careful where they park, now you have to check where you are even when you’re on foot. Few know this rule but on foot, the parking ban really exists. Park in someone’s driveway, on the crosswalks or on the parking spaces reserved for some protected category even … Read more

Buffon on the no vax fines, watch out for the polls and Kiev: so, today …

– I. student collectives they are so afraid of the fascist danger that the protests begin on October 27th and then… they are suspended for holidays due to the All Saints’ weekend. They must have learned the struggle from the unions, who only strike on Fridays. – Back on center right to the government and … Read more

Electronic invoice, from 1st July it is an obligation: who has to issue it and who doesn’t. Fines of up to 2 thousand euros

Electronic invoice from 1st July it is an obligation who

Accelerate the fight againstevasionin particular that onVAT: this is the objective of the electronic invoicing obligation that is triggered from tomorrow 1st July for all VAT numbers with revenues in 2021 exceeding 25,000 euros. The obligation concerns both those who are in the flat rate regime and those who are in the old minimums. An … Read more