Fitness trackers used as silent alarm clocks – Il Post

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In-box is the monthly column in which the editorial staff of Consumerisms answers the most interesting questions received via email from readers looking for valid purchases, unexpected gifts and savings opportunities. Is called In-box like the email box we receive from you, but with a dash because the things we’re talking about often arrive in … Read more

Training with Fitness +: how it works, how much it costs and all the 2023 – iO Donna news

Training with Fitness how it works how much it.webp

TO starting from 9 January 2023, training becomes easier and within everyone’s reach. Fitness+ from Apple is enriched with other innovations to motivate and inspire everyone, absolutely everyone, a start the year with more energy. From the Kickboxing workout to new themes for meditate also in order to improve the sleep qualitythe “Featured Artist” program … Read more

TV, VR headsets, health, fitness and AI: what we will see (in person) at CES 2023

TV VR headsets health fitness and AI what we will

2023 is the year of the return of CES, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Not that there hasn’t been in previous years, but the 2021 and 2022 editions were definitely not what they were expected to be: the 2021 one, due to the pandemic, took place only remotely and didn’t turn out very … Read more

Fitness: training 4.0 with the WB-EMS method certified by “Tor Vergata”

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Not just athletic training: the muscle stimulation suit is also an ally for the treatment of motor pathologies Get the same results as two hours of traditional training in twenty minutes. This is the goal of Urban Fitness, the Italian fast training company, which has signed an agreement with the German Symbiont for the implementation … Read more

Fitness Business: diversify or disappear – SportOutdoor24

Fitness Business diversify or disappear SportOutdoor24

Like the Easter egg that we can’t wait to open now that it’s Christmas but which we will discover has “nothing” inside, a lot of fitness out there contains “nothing”. Least of all those tons of fitness delivered digitally. In the physical and tangible case, at least the machines available and the changing rooms are … Read more

What is the Solid Core Workout, the current fitness trend

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Thanks to more than 5.6 million views on TikToksolid core is becoming the hottest fitness trend of the moment. But what exactly is it about? The solid core workout is a high-intensity, low-impact anaerobic workout, which aims to develop strength and tone the muscles of the whole body. The workout takes place on equipment similar … Read more

Fitness, when to train to reduce the risk of heart attack

L’physical activity it is essential to keep our body healthy by reducing the risk of cardiovascular mortality. In addition to the intensity and frequency with which you train (for adults and the elderly 150-300 minutes at moderate intensity or 75-150 at vigorous intensity, according to WHO recommendations), it is also advisable to carefully evaluate the … Read more

EMS fitness that in 20 minutes is worth 2 hours in the gym

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

The new method is based on the digital technology thanks to which the different districts are stimulated by electrical impulses modulated ad hoc, which make i work deep muscles, optimizing their work and thus reducing the workout time. The method was born in Germany and is spreading rapidly in France, Spain, Switzerland and now also … Read more

Francesca Guacci, the fitness influencer who underwent surgery at 23 for not having children

Francesca Guacci the fitness influencer who underwent surgery at 23

Francesca Guacci I don’t want to have children, an irrevocable choice. Not out of selfishness, but out of love. I know I can’t give them the time, attention and space they deserve. Francesca Guacci, 28, fitness influencer from Massanzago (Padua), has decided to make public its choice to have it removed land fallopian tubes (salpingectomy) … Read more