The Ukrainians plant the flag on the east bank of the Dnipro, the Russians push into the Donbass

The Ukrainians plant the flag on the east bank of

In the military notebook scattered signals. Keep an eye on the weather conditions: in some areas the mud dominates but in others the frozen ground and facilitates the crawlers. Then there is the analysis of American espionage on the progress of the crisis In the military notebook scattered signalswith moves of Ukraine to the east … Read more

There is the Russian flag, not the Ukrainian one: the left in the square takes off its mask

Ansia stress disagio psicologico in 7 anni casi quadruplicati A

Some signal had already arrived, now the mask of the left fell. There manifestation for the peace in progress in Rome confirms all the hypotheses of the last few weeks: it is parlor pacifism, without proposals and ideas, but with many contradictions. Giuseppe Conte present and welcomed by a star by his admirers, many representatives … Read more

Ukraine, the direct – Russian flag lowered by the Kherson administration. And moscow tests an intercontinental ballistic missile – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Kate Middleton costretta a un nuovo incarico sta per crollare

3 Nov 2022 23:02 Zelensky: “From Aiea proof that there is no dirty bomb” The “obvious” conclusion of the International Atomic Energy Agency (Aiea) represents “clear and irrefutable proof” that there have been no preparations for a “dirty bomb” in Ukraine. This was stated today by Ukrainian President Voldymyr Zelensky. “We have given full freedom … Read more

Ukraine, live coverage – Mattarella: “Unreserved support for Ukraine”. Kiev: “Russian flag removed by the administration in Kherson” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

3 Nov 2022 11:52 Peskov: “Russia’s return to the wheat agreement does not mean an extension” Russia’s return to the grain export agreement reached on July 22 in Istanbul is not the same as an extension of the agreement itself. The Kremlin spokesman Dmytri Peskov made this clear at a press conference, explaining that after … Read more

Domino’s Pizza raises the white flag: all stores in Italy closed

Dominos Pizza raises the white flag all stores in Italy

MILAN – When a pizza with pineapple meets a traditional Margherita, the one with pineapple – at least in Italy, the home of pizza – hours are numbered. She went wrong at Domino’s pizza, US giant of pizzerias with home delivery, which officially raised the white flag in our country by closing all stores: the … Read more

At the Queen’s Jubilee concert, Kate, William, George and Charlotte wear the colors of the British flag

White, red, blue. The combined look of the Cambridge family is not left to chance. For the grand concert organized for Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee at Buckingham Palace, William, Kate, George and Charlotte, arrive and sit last in the Royal box, reserved for the royal family, together with 20,000 people gathered in front of … Read more

Gazzetta – Tonali: “I would like to become a flag of Milan and win the Champions League with this shirt. Ibra?

Gazzetta Tonali I would like to become a flag © photo by Sandro Tonali was certainly one of the great protagonists of Milan’s 19th Scudetto. The young midfielder, interviewed by the Gazzetta dello Sport, recounted all his emotions: “When you win, everything changes, if possible the attachment to the shirt increases. I was a child on the street in Sant’Angelo Lodigiano, a … Read more

Neither champion nor flag: Lorenzo Insigne’s farewell to Napoli is the best thing for everyone – Il Fatto Quotidiano

It’s not a sample, it never was. It is not one flag, he also chose not to be. The comparisons with the various Francesco are absurd TottiAlessandro Del Piero, Paolo Maldini, Diego Armando Maradona let us not even mention him. So why all this prosopopoeia for the farewell of Lorenzo Insigne? It is however a … Read more