Low cost flights, Wizz Air loses over 23 euros per passenger. Ryanair and Vueling review profits

Aeroitalia the Italian company with foreign funds that takes off

Record expansion in the midst of the pandemic, refunds for canceled flights and the decision not to buy fuel months ago at controlled prices do not reward Wizz Air. In the almost normal first quarter – the one between April and June of this year – the Hungarian company lost over 23 euros per passenger … Read more

China, 80,000 tourists blocked on the island of Hainan for the lockdown: flights canceled due to a Covid outbreak

1659909998 China 80000 tourists blocked on the island of Hainan for

The Beijing authorities have canceled flights from the seaside resort of Sanya: 5 negative tests are required to leave Posted on: 07-08-2022 23:10 PROFESSIONAL JOURNALIST Professional journalist since 2017, I write about economic and political news and current affairs, I have always been interested in social and sports issues. Passionate about music, I have had … Read more

Canceled flights, companies and airports most at risk: EasyJet and Turkish Airlines black jersey

Canceled flights companies and airports most at risk EasyJet and

These are not easy days for someone who has booked one vacationbetween the peak of infections from Omicron and the strikes and flight cancellations that are hitting everyone Europe. In a few weeks, more than 41 thousand flights about 7 thousand in Italy have been canceled from European airports. But what are the flights and … Read more

Canceled flights, delays, strikes: this is why the holidays of 7 million people are at risk

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

It is three in the afternoon on June 20 and in a hotel room in Doha, Qatar, Carsten Spohr does not hide theenthusiasm for the return of people on board his and other airlines’ planes. But immediately after, looking at what is happening in Europe, the Lufthansa number one becomes serious: “Things will not get … Read more

Emergency canceled flights: what to do to obtain refunds or alternative tickets from the airlines

Aeroitalia the Italian company with foreign funds that takes off

In this period, tens of thousands of people end up being victims of canceled or seriously delayed flights (even 6-7 hours) every day. But the territorial context in which the inconvenience occurs and also the nationality of the airline play an important role in terms of the protection provided for consumers. Here are some answers. … Read more

Goodbye low cost flights? Ryanair CEO: “Prices will increase for the next five years”

Salami or mortadella heres what to choose in the summer

Michael O’Leary, the head of Ryanair and pioneer of low-cost travel in Europe, said airfares are likely to increase over the next five years because flights have become “too cheap” to make a profit compared to the industry’s projected cost increases. His warning came in the days of soaring ticket prices, which have grown in … Read more

Chaos in the skies, the head of IATA: “It’s up to the airports to compensate passengers for canceled flights”

Aeroitalia the Italian company with foreign funds that takes off

Willie Walsh, IATA Director General in Doha, Qatar DOHA – The head of the world airline association calls on European airports to do their part and compensate passengers who are victims of long queues in terminals, of flights canceled due to lack of staff at airports and lost baggage because sorting systems break down. “We … Read more

Ryanair Easyjet and Volotea, over 90 canceled flights due to the strike. Here is the list of guarantees

Complicated Saturday for air travel due to strikes for the staff of low cost airlines: per Ryanair according to Filt and Ultrasporti, who have declared a strike for today in Italy, over 90 flights have been canceled while there are now hundreds at European level. There were also difficulties for those who booked with Easyjet … Read more

Lufthansa cancels 2,200 flights: holidays at risk for 250,000 passengers. Low cost airlines strike on Saturday

Holidays at risk for about 250 thousand vacationers. Lufthansa will cancel another 2,200 flights in the summer months due to the lack of staff due to Covid. The decision has created great discontent especially in Germany: it is estimated that around 250,000 holidaymakers will be affected by the decision of the national airline. The cancellations … Read more