What to eat for breakfast: These are the perfect foods to boost energy and good mood

What to eat for breakfast These are the perfect foods

What to eat for breakfast for increase energy and start our day with one dose of good cheer? Here is the list of perfect foods to better face our daily life. Never underestimate breakfast. Considered by many the basic mealin fact it is a moment of the day that is impossible to skip: without this … Read more

Alzheimer’s: These are the 7 worst foods that increase risk according to a study

Alzheimers These are the 7 worst foods that increase risk

Today the causes of the degenerative Alzheimer’s disease are still unknown. However, some scholars link the excessive consumption of certain foods to the onset of the disease. Let’s see what they are and if you are a regular consumer. ©liudmilachernetska/123rf Alzheimer’s is a progressive degenerative disease that damages some brain cells, leading to an irreversible … Read more

Dementia: 10 foods that increase the risk of “losing your mind”

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As many as 6.5 million Americans have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. The number, enormous to say the least, increases if we consider dementia more generally which, according to statistics, affects 1 in 10 Americans over 65 in the United States and currently around 1.2 million people in Italy: in practice more than the entire population … Read more

Senile dementia: the 7 foods that increase the risk, according to science

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A study has identified some foods that, in excess, can increase the risk of senile dementia and Alzheimer’s. Among them also foods that often end up on our tables… Eugene Spagnuolo January 03 – Milan We all know that some foods are better than others and that eating healthy is the key to feeling our … Read more

Zampone, lentils, grapes: what meaning do New Year’s foods have?

Zampone lentils grapes what meaning do New Years foods have

Midnight of New Year’s arrives at different times in the world, following the meridian lines that divide the globe into time zones. However, there is one thing that doesn’t change: the desire to be together, to watch fireworks and of course to consume typical dishes or foods auspicious. This translates into Spain in consuming 12 … Read more

Bloated belly and gas? The remedy is foods rich in probiotics, a real panacea

Bloated belly and gas The remedy is foods rich in

After this long period of holidays, where big binges have certainly not been lacking, it is natural to have a swollen belly and gas: here are the foods rich in probiotics that could help During the Christmas holidays, very often, it happens to eat more than usual and especially if the intestine is not used … Read more

Discovered the 6 most dangerous foods for health: everyone shocked, it’s not what you thought – Ilovetrading.it

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Pay attention to the diet we lead. Here are the 6 most dangerous foods for health discovered: they are all shocked As human beings we all need to fuel our bodies with food and water to survive. Getting food is now all too simple and we just need to go to supermarkets or shops where … Read more

Lycopene in 8 very common foods: the effects on the body are staggering

Lycopene in 8 very common foods the effects on the

Today we will find out when lycopene is present in food and what the effects are on the human body. Lycopene is also referred to as a free radical scavenger. It is a nutrient which, according to a 1989 study, is considered among the carotenoids with the greatest ability to counteract singlet oxygen. Internet all … Read more

Franco Berrino and foods that protect: «What to eat to prevent major diseases»

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Everything changes, but in the last century we have witnessed unprecedented changes in material and social life: electricity, motor vehicles, TV and, at the end of the century, the web, sedentary life, chemical agriculture, mills of steel that produce very fine flours, ultra-processed foods with artificial flavor enhancers, air and water pollution; meat consumption has … Read more

Acrylamide in bread and pizza dangerous to health, could cause cancer: foods to avoid

Acrylamide in bread and pizza dangerous to health could cause

You may have often heard about acrylamide, but what is it and why could it be harmful to your health? Here’s what you need to know about it Many may therefore have heard of the acrylamidebut what exactly is it? That’s why it could be harmful to health and would also be associated with the … Read more