Tumors, the 8 foods to be included in the health basket to counteract the onset of the disease

Tumors the 8 foods to be included in the health

Against the onset of tumors it is advisable to take antioxidants through 8 foods with incredible powers. Let’s find out what they are. Not a miracle but an aid to counteract the onset of cancer. Let’s see which products to include in the health basket. Adobe Stock The doctors of the Italian Society of Andrology … Read more

the 5 most satiating foods and allies of the diet – INRAN

the 5 most satiating foods and allies of the diet

Going on a diet consists of sacrifices, losing weight is not easy, yet it is enough to consume the right foods to lose weight: here are the most satiating and healthy. Dieting (Pixabay) THE MOST READ ARTICLES TODAY: Following a weight loss diet involves the intake of certain healthful foods and not too caloric. The … Read more

Ultra processed foods: what they are and why they are bad for your health

Ultra processed foods what they are and why they are

There are several studies that point the finger against ultra-processed foods. Doctor Mariangela Allocca, gastroenterologist, explains what they are and why they can be harmful Maria Elena Perrero 09 September “‘Eat only what you can recognize’: what Umberto Veronesi said is confirmed by the latest studies on ultra processed foodswhich have proved to be harmful … Read more

New processed foods: they don’t get fat it’s true but they increase the mortality rate – solocine.it

New processed foods they dont get fat its true but

Are calories really the worst enemy of our health? A study conducted on this would seem to show that this is not exactly the case … If in recent times the statistics tell us that the average weight of Italians has increased and that obesity and the diseases related to it are on the rise, … Read more

Here are the foods that help prevent cancer: the official list

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Are there any foods that help prevent cancer? Certainly and if consumed regularly, they promote the well-being of the organism. Everyone knows that what you eat affects your health. But it can be difficult to know exactly which foods are good for you and which are not. Over the years, many studies have been published … Read more

Food alarm, there is a disturbing list: the foods most at risk of intoxication

Food alarm there is a disturbing list the foods most

With the development of new technologies for food production and distribution, food has also changed. Let’s see together what are the 9 most dangerous foods for food poisoning. Nowadays there are more than in the world 250 types of food poisoningwhich manifest themselves with various symptoms food solofinanza.it The list of risky foods: intoxication alarm … Read more

Prevent ischemic stroke with nutrition, here is the complete list of foods recommended by doctors

Prevent ischemic stroke with nutrition here is the complete list

Today, preventing strokes is easier, even with nutrition, thanks to the disclosure of the guidelines of the Ministry of Health. There are gods foods that protect against the onset of certain diseases? The answer is yes, and thanks to Research today we know that one Proper nutrition is crucial for stay healthy. Adobe Stock The … Read more

With diabetes it is best to avoid these foods and drinks: the list of health

With diabetes it is best to avoid these foods and

People with diabetes should avoid eating certain foods and drinks. Let’s see what they are in order not to jeopardize your health. Millions of people in our nation are affected by the condition. A number doubled in thirty years which has sedentary lifestyle and obesity as its main causes. Adobe Stock The diabetes it is … Read more

Do you want to regulate blood sugars immediately? eat these foods

Do you want to regulate blood sugars immediately eat these

What foods are useful in regulating blood sugars? There are some foods that can fight harmful substances. When you have diabetes, your blood sugar levels can get too high. Left untreated, high blood sugar can lead to serious complications, including blindness, nerve damage, and even death. It is therefore important to keep blood sugar under … Read more