No parking even on foot, article 109 of the CdS is a blow for Italians | Fines are arriving –

No parking even on foot article 109 of the CdS

Not only do cars have to be very careful where they park, now you have to check where you are even when you’re on foot. Few know this rule but on foot, the parking ban really exists. Park in someone’s driveway, on the crosswalks or on the parking spaces reserved for some protected category even … Read more

Anger Foot, the proven shooter based on green feet and lots of action

Anger Foot the proven shooter based on green feet and

Here is our tried and true Anger Foot, available in demo format via Steam: are you ready for a concentration of feet and action? When the Devolver Digital Showcase aired a few days ago and we saw the trailer for Anger Foot, we immediately thought of Hotline Miami. Now that we have tried the demo … Read more

Cervical and circulation would improve with massages on some points of the foot and would also be a boon for intestinal gas and stress

With the arrival of heat we tend to retain more fluids than necessary and this makes us feel swollen and not at all in harmony with our body. A massage can be essential to give us back a little of the lost well-being, especially if done in some points of the feet. It would be … Read more

Nadal finds Ruud in the 14th final in Paris: “I’d rather lose but have a new foot”

from Gaia Piccardi, sent to Paris The Spaniard finds Ruud, out of his academy, in the final of Roland Garros: “He has great growth prospects: finding him in the final in Paris is not a surprise for me” PARIS The brute force of a ferocious semi-final, swollen with epic humidity from the rain coming through … Read more