Ukraine, ‘armed Russians force to vote’. Kirill: ‘Enlist, if you die you will be with God’. Moscow admits ‘hysteria’ after mobilization – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Ukraine armed Russians force to vote Kirill Enlist if you

Threats to citizens and armed groups to force people to vote. On the first day of the referendum wanted by Fly in the People’s Republics of Donetsk (RPD) e Lugansk (Rpl) and in the territories freed to join the Russia – with former Russian President Dmitri Medvedev declaring the “protection” of the vote “any Russian … Read more

Star Ocean: The Divine Force, we tried the new Tri-Ace title

Star Ocean The Divine Force we tried the new Tri Ace

During the Square Plays in London we were able to try Star Ocean: the Divine Force, a graphically backward game, but which has a lot to offer in everything else. THE Tri-Ace they are a particular team to say the least: clearly supporters of the “gameplay first” philosophy, for a long time now they have … Read more

Chile, the new Constitution rejected: that of Pinochet remains in force. President Boric in an emergency

Bologna Cosenza 1 0 the rossoblu win for Sinisa Sport

from Sara Gandolfi The referendum, strongly supported by the new leader, the vanguard of that “pink wave” that had moved much of Latin America to the left, fails Gabriel Boric lost the challenge. Chile voted no, with over 60%, to the new Constitution in a referendum strongly supported by the new president, the vanguard of … Read more

Goodbye skimpy triangles and high-cut swimsuits, this model for the beach is back in fashion that covers imperfections and does not force us to always check ourselves

It is now time for holidays by the sea, and Italians are beginning to pour in large numbers on the beaches of Italy and Europe. But many women are faced with a dilemma when it comes time to pack their suitcase: which swimsuit is better to choose? There is an embarrassment of choice as regards … Read more

Fisco, at the start of the tour de force payments, from June 16 Imu – Economy

The race for tax payments starts with June. The sixth month of the year is a real tour de force for taxpayers: holders of VAT numbers, of income subject to Irpef, of properties and land. The first appointment comes for the owners in various ways of houses, appurtenances, buildings and agricultural or building land. These … Read more

Biden: “If China invades Taiwan we will use military force, Beijing is joking with fire”

The US president spoke about the situation in the Pacific during his visit to Japan, in what appears to be a change in the policy of strategic ambiguity. Reverse the White House: our policy is the same. Beijing: Washington do not underestimate our determination United States President Joe Biden he said that Washington ready to … Read more

First case of monkeypox identified in Italy | The ISS establishes a task force of experts

Spallanzani explains that the “clinical picture was characteristic and the monkeypox virus was rapidly identified with molecular techniques and gene sequencing from skin lesion samples.” The person, continues the hospital, “is currently hospitalized in isolation in fair general conditions and epidemiological investigations and contact tracing are underway”. Spallanzani: investigations on 2 suspected cases – Furthermore, … Read more