WEC / Ferrari 499P, word to engineer Cannizzo: “The Peugeot concept has been evaluated” | FormulaPassion.it

WEC Ferrari 499P word to engineer Cannizzo The Peugeot

A racing car is beautiful when it wins, but if the opposite were true, the 499P would already have guaranteed success. The Hypercar from Maranello has received the approval of the international audience for the elegance mixed with aggressiveness that transpires from its bodywork, in which you can perceive the touch of the Centro Stile … Read more

Live F1 / Pirelli Test 2023: Leclerc leader, Alonso in Aston Martin | FormulaPassion.it

Live F1 Pirelli Test 2023 Leclerc leader Alonso in

[F1] – Hello dear readers of FormulaPassion.it and welcome back with the appointment dedicated to the written chronicle of the day Pirelli test in Abu Dhabi which officially concludes the 2022 F1 season, which ended last Sunday almost a month earlier than what happened in 2021 in order not to overlap with the World Cup … Read more

Vettel greets fans: “We can change the world” | FormulaPassion.it

Vettel greets fans We can change the world FormulaPassionit

A tenth place to close a beautiful career. Although he had a meteoric start that presaged the redefinition of every record, with four titles in his first six full seasons as a racing driver, Sebastian Vettel he has to “settle” for world championship poker with Red Bull, topped off with 53 victories and 57 pole … Read more

Live MotoGP 2022 / Valencia Test: Martin leader, Bastianini 5th | FormulaPassion.it

Lasse con lAustria le mosse sui contratti come lItalia puo

MotoGP – Good morning dear readers of FormulaPassion.it and welcome back to the direct text of the MotoGP tests on the Valencia track. It will be a single day: it will start at 9.30 and continue until 17.30 with an hour of lunch break in the middle. Undoubtedly it will be an interesting session: the … Read more

MotoGP / Bagnaia-Bastianini duel, Ciabatti: “We didn’t want another Le Mans” | FormulaPassion.it

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

If a good day starts in the morning, the coexistence in the official Ducati garage between Pecco Bagnaia and Enea Bastianini during the 2023 season it will be quite fun to follow from the outside. A little less, perhaps, to experience for the managers of the Borgo Panigale house. In fact, at Sepang the main … Read more

2026, the plans were different: transverse engine and short wheelbase | FormulaPassion.it

2026 the plans were different transverse engine and short wheelbase

Two months after the publication of the 2026 power unit regulations, further details emerge of what the organizers’ original intentions were. The next generation of engines represents a significant technological leap forward, especially as regards the fuels with which to power the internal combustion engine. However, rumors arrive from Germany that the initial project was … Read more

Bugìet Cap | FormulaPassion.it

Lasse con lAustria le mosse sui contratti come lItalia puo

No surprise reading the “Decisions” FIA in the case of Red Bull and Aston Martin on the now established budget violation cap. Incidentally, it surprised me more – but not that much, after all – to browse a sports newspaper extensively documenting the Ferrari team principal’s wrath after the Japanese GP, but “Forgot” the admission … Read more

Mick Schumacher in Fiorano on his father’s F2003-GA | FormulaPassion.it

Here are the advances and postponements of Serie A Milan

On the day of Wednesday 9 Novemberthat is, during the Geneva Luxury Week, Sotheby’s will officially put at auction one of the single-seaters that contributed to Ferrari’s golden age in Formula 1: the F2003-GA. The car, designed by Rory Byrne and Ross Brawn for the 2003 season, was renamed with the initials of Gianni Agnelli, … Read more

Red Bull: the secret behind top speed | FormulaPassion.it

Red Bull the secret behind top speed FormulaPassionit

Since the beginning of the year, the speed and chronometric surveys have repeatedly attested that the RB18 is among the fastest single-seaters in draw, a quality that is among the many strengths on which Red Bull built the triumphal campaign of 2022. The superiority in straight in some contexts is such as to allow the … Read more