Mass for Vialli in Cremona: in the church of Christ the King friends, former school and football mates

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Of Arianna Ravelli, sent to Cremona The Mass in memory of Luca Vialli commissioned by the family attracted hundreds of Cremona citizens, exponents of the world of football, former schoolmates. From Roberto Bettega, to Ciro Ferrara, Fabrizio Ravanelli, Angelo Peruzzi, Michele Padovano «What does a priest still have to add, who perhaps was a Juventus … Read more

Qatargate, who are the “friends” of Panzeri’s “team”?

Tutti i film di Natale da vedere in tv oggi

Of Joseph Guastella Who are the friends Panzeri, Giorgi and Cozzolino counted on to bend the decisions of the European Parliament to the paid wishes of Qatar and Morocco? Prosecutors ready to stop immunities. It will be an opportunity to clarify the boundaries of the corruption network Who are the friends on whom the operational … Read more

Friends 22, Angelina Mango remembers her dad: “He was frank and kind”

Friends 22 Angelina Mango remembers her dad He was frank

In the daytime of Friends aired this afternoon, the audience from home got to know a little more Angelina Mango. Lorella Cuccarini, after summoning her to the rehearsal room, he showed her a clip where his dad was a guest in the talent show of Maria DeFilippi in 2006, when Angelina he was only 5 … Read more

Obesity: food has nothing to do with it, here are the real triggers, get back in shape and amaze your friends –

Obesity food has nothing to do with it here are

Obesity, a phenomenon that for years seemed not to concern our country. Now, however, even in Italy the problem is clearly growing. Obesity, a phenomenon that here too is assuming worrying numbers and contours. A problem that contains many others within it. A matryoshka full of sickness. Obesity (I Love Trading) Food and bad nutrition … Read more

Friends, the dancer’s mother loses her temper: storm against the authors – Youbee Magazine

Friends the dancers mother loses her temper storm against the

One always happens to Amici, after the reproaches about the conditions of the house, everyone is against Mattia Zenzola who denies being one of the culprits. Mom intervenes. Friends is a program very popular with the Italian public, the first edition dates back to 2001, since now every year it has always had a growing … Read more

“Friends”, Angelina Mango on the death of her father: “All hell broke loose”

Ronaldo Playing together with Messi Everything is possible I spoke

After LDA, born Luca D’Alessio (son of Gigi), the school of Friends this year it is hosting another excellent daughter of art who has decided to get involved in the Canale 5 talent show. In fact, about two weeks ago, Angelina Mango, daughter of the Lucan singer who sadly disappeared exactly eight years ago, in … Read more

The 3 Seeds friends of Diabetes, here are the precious allies not to be missed in the diet

The 3 Seeds friends of Diabetes here are the precious

Diabetes health problems can be kept under control by therapies, but above all by proper nutrition. Thanks to continuous research, we know that Diabetes is fought above all at the table and also with physical activity. Here are some allied foods not to be missed in the diet. InformationToday Unfortunately Diabetes is a disease that … Read more

Friends, previews, chaos and tears: “Never a De Filippi so furious”

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

The advances of Friends of Maria De Filippi signal that a decidedly turbulent registration has just ended. The students, the professors and ‘Queen Mary’ are back in the Canale 5 studio, but it seems that an episode full of tensions will be broadcast on Sunday 27 November 2022. The lady of the house appeared really … Read more

The inevitable nerd gifts | If you don’t do them, your friends will be hurt –

The inevitable nerd gifts If you dont do them

If you don’t want to find yourself in December full of commitments and gifts to find, we have more than one solution for you! Especially if you want to satisfy the demanding palates of your relatives or friends who are passionate about video games. In our selection you will find some of the “evergreen” choices … Read more

“He lives by a miracle”. Jasmine Carrisi, accident for Al Bano’s daughter: the friend’s story

Grand Hotel 3 Anticipazioni 12 agosto 2022 La Quarta Puntata

It was supposed to be a carefree evening, but instead it risked turning into a tragedy: Jasmine Carrisi, Al Bano’s daughter, and her friend Glenda Resta had a serious accident on their way home after celebrating Halloween. Fortunately, there were no dramatic consequences, but they had a really bad time. Jasmine Carrisi, the incident on … Read more