The 4-month-old girl who survived the shipwreck and J., the hidden hero: “I saved her, I lost 6 friends”

Here are the advances and postponements of Serie A Milan

from Elena Theban J. is 17 years old, he comes from Togo, and on June 27 he was on the boat that sank in the Libyan search and rescue area. He was one of the few who knew how to swim, and he rescued six people, including the 4-month-old girl photographed on the shoulders of … Read more

Aurora Ramazzotti: «Daughter of? I lost jobs because of this. But it’s great that my friends are back “

from Renato Franco Tuesday leads on Italia 1 Love Mi, the concert conceived by Fedez: My problem that I never feel up to, I have the impostor syndrome Double daughter of art, her destiny to be preceded by the shadow of her parents: a privilege or a burden? A privilege because you are lucky enough … Read more

Revolution to “Friends”: Maria De Filippi loses two historical Profs

A giant question mark over the fate of Friends by Maria De Filippi. Not even the time to see Luigi Strangis triumph in the last edition, which is immediately the first rumors about the future of the Canale 5 talent show. Voices (at least for the moment) concerning two beloved singing teachers of the school: … Read more

Laura Morante: «La Palma in Cannes? Nanni Moretti excluded me. And since then we are no longer friends “

from Valerio Cappelli, sent to Cannes The actress returns to Cannes for “Masquerade” with Isabelle Adjani, but she doesn’t send them to say to the Roman director: “We wish each other a birthday and little else” Laura, do you remember the award ceremony? It was 2001, Italy hadn’t won at Cannes for 23 years. Laura … Read more

Argentero’s entourage: «He and Phaedrus are still friends». What remains of the glorious GF 3

from Maria Volpe In the 2003 edition Argentero lived an adventure with the actress Bargilli and became friends with Phaedrus who now attacks him for disappointing him. But the two still appear to be friends It was the year 2003 and was broadcast on Canale 5, the third edition of Big Brother. An edition – … Read more

Friends 21, the final: Luigi wins. Michele runner-up. The critics’ prize goes to Sissi

Friends 21 the final Luigi wins Michele runner up The critics

Luigi Strangis wins in Amici 2021/2022. The singer from Lamezia terme beat the winner of the dance circuit Michele Esposito on the televoting. In the’last episode of the talent of Maria De Filippi, which unlike the previous episodes was broadcast live and saw the dancer Serena on the third step of the podium. TO Sissi … Read more

FRIENDS 21 EVENING 2022, SEMIFINALS / Direct, finalists Sissi and Michele. Dario in crisis

Amici 2022 evening ed.21 direct semifinal episode 7 May 2022 “You don’t grow up just doing compliments!”blurts out the Celentano after seeing Dario at work, the protagonist of a performance not up to par. Also there Peparini ignites and does not send them to tell the colleague, triggering yet another controversy of the episode. Tones … Read more

Friends, Agata Reale tells how she discovered she had leukemia

Royal Agate a few hours ago she granted herself a long interview with to talk about his illness, discovered only 3 years ago. Precisely in 2019, the former dancer of Friends of Maria De Filippihe discovered he had a bad disease: acute promyelocytic leukemia, a type of blood cancer. The news came immediately after … Read more

Advances Evening Friends 2022 finalists: the names and the eliminated in the semifinals

Advances Evening Friends 2022 finalists the names and the eliminated

Friends Today the semifinal was recorded: seven competitors and five places for the last episode, who will be there to fight for the victory? Published on May 4, 2022 Who are the finalists of the Evening of Amici 2022? There should be no last-minute surprises on the number of finalists this time around, like last … Read more

Anna Mazzamauro, Miss Silvani and the relationship with Paolo Villaggio: «Never been friends. Here’s what he told me one day “

The relationship between Anna Mazzamauro And Paolo Villaggio it has never been easy. Yet if in 1975 she was chosen in the role of Miss Silvaniit was only thanks to the accountant Ugo Fantozziwho insisted on having her next to his side on set. Read also> Dead Lars Bloch, the ‘Mega … Read more