The collapse of FTX and the founder’s apology: “I’m sorry, I’ll do everything possible to make it up to you”

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An amount exceeding 30 billion dollars burned (100,000 customers were Italian). Bankman-Fried, currently missing, under investigation by the United States Department of Justice While legions of lawyers and accountants delve into the digital rubble of FTX cryptocurrency pyramidthe exchange that turned out to be a simple Ponzi scheme that burned an amount exceeding 30 billion … Read more

Crypto, Ftx chasm grows. Over 30 billion dollars up in smoke

Listen to the audio version of the article One million creditors. This is the number of customers, both institutional and retail, left with the match lit in their hands Ftx crack the proportions of which could be higher than 30 billion dollars. This is what emerges from the new documents presented in court. The data … Read more

Two billion disappeared into thin air, the CEO fleeing abroad: the mega Ftx scam shakes the world of cryptocurrencies

Two billion disappeared into thin air the CEO fleeing abroad

Someone makes comparisons with Lehman Brothers, someone else prefers Enron. The first went bankrupt in 2008, an illustrious victim of the generalized financial hangover fueled by subprime mortgages and the excessive use of debt investments, the second bankrupt in 2001, most deleterious example of “creative finance” and a veritable breeding ground for accounting fraud. In … Read more

Ftx bankrupt, cryptocurrency crisis after the collapse of the giant: what happened

Ftx bankrupt cryptocurrency crisis after the collapse of the giant

A hole of 8 billion, a wrong investment: so Ftx collapses, giant in the world of cryptocurrencies. Here are the possible consequences Posted on: 12-11-2022 23:29 JOURNALIST AND DEBUNKER Journalist passionate about fact checking, crime and pizza. Tobacco addict and caffeine addict, since 2016 he has been collaborating with and since 2018 he has … Read more

The Ftx Crack: What Happens in the Cryptocurrency World and What Can Happen Now

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The rise of the cryptocurrency exchange platform Ftx it was as extraordinary as his crash. The society presented yesterday bankruptcy petition in United Statesand the former enfant prodige of the sector Sam Bankman-Fried (for “Sbf” insiders) has resigned as CEO of the company. Many wonder if the shock suffered by the company, which in just … Read more