Meghan Markle, at the Queen’s funeral as on the set

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Charles III would have invited his son to dinner with William, but Harry annoyed at Meghan’s removal from the queen’s bedside refused FROM OUR MAILLONDON – New rumors about the Windsor family relationships in the days of the queen’s mourning. Harry would have refused his father’s invitation, the new king, to sit at table with … Read more

The sweet story of Princess Charlotte’s brooch at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral

1663865516 The sweet story of Princess Charlottes brooch at Queen Elizabeths

Carefully followed by cameras and photographers deployed, Princess Charlotte at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral it has eclipsed everyone from older brother George to crowned heads and heads of state. A small protagonist, despite her, with an equally small detail of light pinned on the black caviar coat (most likely selected by her mother Kate Middleton), which … Read more

Yellow on Queen Elizabeth’s funeral, “the coffin is empty”: the truth about the mystery and censorship

Yellow on Queen Elizabeths funeral the coffin is empty the

Storm over the royal family: on the sidelines of the long funeral, the mystery of the empty coffin emerges. Many argue that inside there were not the mortal remains of the long-lived sovereign and there is talk of censorship by the English media. Let’s find out better what is the thesis that is gaining ground … Read more

“I’ll explain what Carlo’s first real challenge will be”: Caprarica comments on the funeral of Elizabeth II

Ill explain what Carlos first real challenge will be Caprarica

Death of Queen Elizabeth II The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II was held yesterday. The journalist Antonio Caprarica at Fanpage: “Historic but touching event: the affection of the people is a flattery for the Crown but also an open challenge for Carlo” Turn on notifications to receive updates on Death of Queen Elizabeth II The … Read more

Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, King Charles dedicates his last farewell to her: the message on his mother’s coffin

Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II King Charles dedicates his last

The King inserted a note among the flowers above the mother’s coffin, a reminder message for the queen By: VirgilioNotizie | Posted on: 19-09-2022 16:27 12 Monday 19 September 2022 was a long day for the Royal family and for the new King Charles III, with the celebration of the funeral of the deceased mother … Read more

Funeral of Queen Elizabeth, the dress code and the mistakes in the looks: Kate with the pearls loved by the sovereign, Meghan does not wear a veil – Il Fatto Quotidiano

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Kate flawless as always, with the pearls much loved by Elizabeth. Meghan inevitably in the spotlight, with a cape dress and hat. They have not gone unnoticed the looks sported by the guests at the solemn state funeral of Queen Elizabeth, especially those of the royal family. Obviously the dress code, mandatory for all 2 … Read more

The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II: symbols and meanings hidden behind the worldwide ritual

1663596352 The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II symbols and meanings hidden

Gareth CattermoleGetty Images The coffin of Queen Elizabeth II is under the eyes of the whole world. And it is also a treasure chest of symbols And secrets (revealed) of the monarchy. Which? On the coffin of value there are a magnificent crown with an extraordinary past, one globe and one scepter of immeasurable value, … Read more

Queen Elizabeth funeral. Russia excluded, protests: “It is immoral not to have invited us”

Queen Elizabeth funeral Russia excluded protests It is immoral not

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova condemned Britain’s decision not to invite Russian representatives to Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral. “We believe that this British attempt to use the national tragedy that has touched the hearts of millions of people around the world for geopolitical purposes to settle scores with our country … is deeply immoral,” … Read more

Queen Elizabeth II, the queue for the funeral home suspended: thousands of subjects waiting for the last tribute. Funeral on Monday

Queen Elizabeth II the queue for the funeral home suspended

Latest news on the death and funeral of Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom. Thousands of subjects line up in London to pay their respects and bid farewell to Queen Elizabeth II whose coffin is displayed in Westminster Hall.Mattarella telephones King Charles III. State funeral on Monday: among the funeral participants also Macron “The … Read more

Elizabeth II, at the funeral 16 km of queue and 30 hours of waiting

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from Online editing Today the people pay homage to the sovereign who died on 8 September last. The body arrived last night in the capital of the United Kingdom * A funeral procession in honor of Queen Elizabeth is scheduled for today in London. The sovereign died on 8 September last after 70 years of … Read more