Friends, previews, chaos and tears: “Never a De Filippi so furious”

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

The advances of Friends of Maria De Filippi signal that a decidedly turbulent registration has just ended. The students, the professors and ‘Queen Mary’ are back in the Canale 5 studio, but it seems that an episode full of tensions will be broadcast on Sunday 27 November 2022. The lady of the house appeared really … Read more

Furious quarrel: Maurizio Costanzo sends Tina Cipollari away from the studio, disruption on TV – newsby

Furious quarrel Maurizio Costanzo sends Tina Cipollari away from the

Costanzo and tina quarrel on tv Viewers of Men and Women know well Tina Cipollari and her shots fumantini. Does anyone remember when, some time ago, you also made Maurizio Costanzo lose his patience? It is one of the pillars of dating show of Maria De Filippi, Tina Cipollari, which together with Gianni Sperti she … Read more

Harry and Meghan Markle, furious argument at the restaurant. “She dumped him”

Harry and Meghan Markle furious argument at the restaurant She

Harry and Meghan Markle in crisis? Apparently so, since they were caught arguing animatedly in the restaurant, so much so that he left, leaving his wife alone with the rest of the company. A witness to the facts stated that it was “a disaster”. And the revenge of the Duchess was not long in coming, … Read more

Inter-Barcelona, ​​”an arbitration scandal”: all furious in Spain

Inter Barcelona ​​an arbitration scandal all furious in Spain

BARCELONA (Spain) – Inter–Barcelona leaves a deep aftermath of controversy: Spanish fans, media and insiders are furious at the refereeing of Vincic in the match of Champions League won 1-0 by the Nerazzurri thanks to a goal by Calhanoglu. The subject of the controversy are three episodes in particular: the goal canceled in Pedri for … Read more

Harry and Meghan furious: Charles III has stripped their children of the title of ‘Royal Highness’. Here’s what not having it means for Archie and Lilibet – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Harry and Meghan furious Charles III has stripped their children

Can one become a prince already knowing that he can never be called His Royal Highness in life? It is the fate that touches Archie and Lilibeti children of Harry and Meghan, who will already “suffer” from this deprivation as children. Anyone who thinks that these are only obsolete formulas, fairy tale salamons, historical reminiscences, … Read more

Sassuolo, furious Berardi: he chases a fan out of the stadium who insulted him

Sassuolo furious Berardi he chases a fan out of the

Everyone was holding him back, but his anger was so great that he was about to catch the fan who had offended him. Domenico Berardistriker of the Sassuolohe lost his mind after the defeat in Italian Cup in the Emilian derby of the thirty-second finals with the Modena. In a video that is making the … Read more

Sylvester Stallone furious: “The film about Ivan Drago is a shame”

LIVE Italy Greece 10 8 waterpolo 2022 World Cup LIVE Hellenics back

from Renato Franco The actor against the producer who has the rights to the saga: use my ideas, a shame “I’ll split you in two.” Sylvester Stallone for once he put himself in the shoes of Ivan Drago and wore the best face since “Rocky”, when he looked like he came out of a Picasso … Read more

Furious Giancarlo Magalli: the (sarcastic) comment on the new Rai schedules

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

The subtle art of irony allows us to react with a certain class, even in the face of the most unpleasant situations. And in this Giancarlo Magalli is a true master: behind the smile of a short joke, shared on his Facebook profile, bitterness is hidden for the direction his career is taking. Or rather, … Read more

John Wick: Hollywood petition on gun violence spark furious debate. What changes will there be on the film? | Here daily

John Wick Hollywood petition on gun violence spark furious debate

John Wick is the hit movie series starring Keanu Reeves, which will soon see the release of a sensational new chapter. But the appearance of one petition it could change some papers in order and modify the imprint of the film. “Considering there have been over 250 other mass shootings so far this year, it’s … Read more

Harry furious and unhappy: Meghan Markle ignored

Self Harry and Meghan Markle they were hoping for a triumphal welcome for having made an effort to return to London, they were very wrong. The Sussexes in fact had a very marginal role during the celebrations of the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth. And even the media paid them little attention. But to think … Read more