Rhythm abuse, Maccarani attacks those who denounced: “All gymnasts who weren’t at the Olympics”. Thursday the decision on his future – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Rhythm abuse Maccarani attacks those who denounced All gymnasts who

She says she has been portrayed as “the villain of the story” and that for this reason she is Federginnastica he can do nothing but send her away. Emanuela Maccaranithe technical director of the Farfalle della rhythmic gymnastics, investigated by the Monza prosecutor’s office on charges of ill-treatment and referred by federal prosecutors along with … Read more

Tesla prepares a low-cost novelty for the future

Tutti i film di Natale da vedere in tv oggi

Great announcement from Tesla, for March 1 the House has organized a new “Investor Day” which, as we now know, is an appointment with the financial community, aimed at revealing the brand’s plans and strategies for the future. During this meeting, the CEO Elon Musk will focus on all the topics that are part of … Read more

Charlene of Monaco, the background on their first meeting that predicted the future

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

The tormented love story between Charlene of Monaco and the Prince Albert becomes a documentary, broadcast on French TV in January. Among the various unpublished backgrounds we will talk about a detail that left you speechless Carolina and Stephanie’s brother during his first meeting with the then swimmer. We will arrive up to the present … Read more

Unicomm invests in the future: the company grants an extra month of maternity leave to collaborators

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

The Unicomm Group, associated with Selex Gruppo Commerciale, has decided to grant an extra month of maternity leave paid by the company to all female collaborators who will become mothers, starting from January 2023. This concession is added, naturally , to the 5 months of so-called “compulsory” maternity leave paid by INPS. “Many times we … Read more

Leonardo’s vineyard to the tycoon Arnault. Mystery about the price (and future use) of the house

Of Matteo Persivale The French entrepreneur buys Casa degli Atellani, the jeweled residence on Corso Magenta in Milan Absolute confidentiality on the price and future use The inscription «Faire sans dire» i.e. «facts not words», literally «doing without speaking», a very Milanese motto, is proudly displayed in the Zodiac room of the sixteenth-century Casa degli … Read more

Test della longevità semplice e velocissimo per scoprire quanto vivremo: scopri anche eventuali malattie future

Test della longevita semplice e velocissimo per scoprire quanto vivremo

Alzi la mano chi non vorrebbe sapere se avrà un’esistenza lunga o breve, e se in futuro godrà di buona salute o meno. Basta fare un piccolo test per avere la risposta.    E’ forse il desiderio più antico e insopprimibile dell’essere umano: conoscere quanto a lungo vivrà, e soprattutto se resterà in salute. Del … Read more

THE AMBUSH – The Elkann-Marotta contacts and the rumors about Giuntoli. But who’s in charge? More injuries, Allegri will have to make do. Future Rabiot and possible replacement. Juve trial, the forecasts of the “azzeccagarbugli”. Freezing weather, hot girls

Grand Hotel 3 Anticipazioni 12 agosto 2022 La Quarta Puntata

from Andrea Bosco Let’s start with the health conditions of Gianluca Vialli which led the former champion of Sampdoria and Juventus to leave his commitment with the national team. Vialli has been fighting a tough battle against cancer for years. As the brave man he’s always been, he’s revealed his illness. It seems … Read more

Apple wants a new future… with Style | Here are the new viewers – Player.it

Apple wants a new future with Style Here are

As Apple prepares to challenge Meta for AR / VR dominance starting in early 2023, new leaks reveal the full potential of the new Apple headset and its alleged hardware. According to Bloomberg it will certainly be an advanced device, with a high-resolution display, several external cameras and a new version of iOS. Thanks to … Read more

The Stock Exchange expert to CM: ‘The reasons why the Juve stock didn’t collapse and Elkann’s double move for the future’

Ronaldo Playing together with Messi Everything is possible I spoke

Chaos Juventus continues to hold court, with possible new twists, either from a judicial point of view that from the sports oneseen and considered the investigations by the Turin prosecutor’s office and sports justice. An aspect hitherto underestimated or not treated with completeness, however, is what it concerns the Stock Exchange and the implications linked … Read more