Gasoline at 0.20 cents less, if you go here the full tank costs you very little: what luck

Gasoline at 020 cents less if you go here the

There are some low cost petrol stations that allow you to save a lot of money every time you fill up! How to find out where to go to refuel? Here is the incredible news and how to get a significant saving! Petrol saving – Motori.News One of the many hassles in recent months is … Read more

Gasoline price: another government decision arrives

The cut in excise duties is the measure taken months ago, and extended several times, to cope with the continuous increase in fuel prices at the pump, which has been going on since the beginning of this year. The government has adopted this measure and today has decided to extend it again, as the situation … Read more

Diesel skyrockets, because it costs more than gasoline: what will happen

There energy crisis never ceases to tighten its grip on citizens, aggravated in recent days by the growing tensions between Europe and Russia over a ceiling on the price of gas (here we talked about measures in Europe to reduce consumption) and oil supplies. With the G7 that on 2 August it approved an upper … Read more

Saving on Gasoline, there is an easy method to apply: the result is guaranteed

Saving on Gasoline there is an easy method to apply

Saving on gasoline, there is a simple method that can be applied: revealed how it can be done, the result is guaranteed The expensive gasoline, with the Super and the diesel reached really crazy levels from the outbreak of the war in Ukraine onwards, he “suggested” to motorists to find the most varied methods to … Read more

Acetone, pour some into the tank with gasoline: you won’t be able to do without it

Acetone pour some into the tank with gasoline you wont

There is a trick to reduce fuel consumption and improve engine performance: acetone. However, it must be used in the right quantities so as not to irreparably compromise the engine. What is there to know? Which acetone to pour? Here are all the details on this move that few people know about! Petrol acetone – … Read more

Self-service gasoline, the gas station’s trick to get all the money out of you: be careful

Self service gasoline the gas stations trick to get all the

Cases are multiplying of gas station attendants who devise tricks to try to scam consumers. Here’s what you need to know and what to check before dispensing fuel! Trick that the self-service distributors do you – The increase in the price of petrol and diesel has led to exasperation many Italians in recent months. … Read more

Expensive gasoline is no longer a problem: alternative fuel arrives that will save you a fortune

Expensive gasoline is no longer a problem alternative fuel arrives

This is how a clean future of transport can be unlocked. Regardless of the increase in petrol and diesel prices The fuel – petrol or diesel – has reached unprecedented figures in recent months and even in these days. A real drain for those forced to use their vehicle for work. The Italian government has … Read more

Gasoline as gold: what happens to prices (and how to save)

Gasoline as gold what happens to prices and how to

Run, gallop, accelerate, wheelie. The terms for defining the trend in fuel prices have now been exhausted, but the underlying problem remains: petrol and diesel have now broken through (now both) the 2 euro per liter quota, with the specter of new increases hovering over the pockets of Italians. According to the updated data provided … Read more

Safe savings on gasoline with Google Maps

The issue of fuel prices in Italy is always very hot and current. 2022 began with a continuous rise in costs at the pump, especially for petrol and diesel, up to skyrocketing prices, never seen before, over two euros per liter. For this reason, the state intervened with the cut in excise duties, which “calmed” … Read more