Manual gearbox, from 2023 it will no longer be on these cars | The German giant’s decision marks the end of an era

Manual gearbox from 2023 it will no longer be on

A big change for the future. This is what has been leaked from a piece of news that car enthusiasts will not like at all. Motoring. A broad term today and in the past born from the union of the words autòs and mobìlis; together they make up the meaning of self-driving vehicle. It’s not … Read more

Goodbye manual gearbox, in Italy it is a total revolution: there will be no more cars like this

Goodbye manual gearbox in Italy it is a total revolution

Goodbye manual gearbox, the future of cars pushes in a completely different direction, we are living the last years of this romantic instrument. Goodbye manual gearbox – Mtori.News The future brings new technologies And take away othersand one thing we’re about to say hello is the manual transmission. His was it seems come to an … Read more