Treat everyone better. Ferrara forerunner in gender medicine

1673187846 Treat everyone better Ferrara forerunner in gender medicine

Tiziana Bellini Medicine, with all the disciplines of health and care, attentive to gender differences, represents a new approach to health, diagnosis, treatment and assistance that must be implemented towards increasingly personalized therapies. Ferrara boasts the primacy of first university center for studies on gender medicine. To make the point and to illustrate the theme … Read more

In Health on the go. Why talk about gender sports medicine | The Bo Live UniPD

Photo: Jeffrey F Lin / Unsplash There gender sports medicine is a branch of sports medicine that takes into account physical and biological differences between men and women and how some peculiar aspects that distinguish each of the two biological sexes, such as the metabolic and biomechanical characteristicsare relevant both for the protection of the … Read more

One of Elon Musk’s sons wants to change his name and gender

Document filed in Los Angeles County: Xavier Musk wants to be identified as Vivian Jenna Wilson, taking his mother’s surname to no longer have any reference or connection to his father Xavier Musk will change gender and name, after having prepared the legal document to complete the process on Friday 24 June, with the sheets … Read more

Antonella Viola: “Gender in medicine is not a detail”

Lately there is talk of more and more insistence gender medicine and the need to arrive at a clinical approach that takes into account the biological and genetic differences of those born with a male or female body. A distinction it does not have nothing to do with gender identitymuch less with thesexual orientation, but … Read more

Blog | ‘Feminism and mental health’: the gender perspective can save many oppressed women – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Blog Feminism and mental health the gender perspective can

Who follows mine Facebook page he probably knows that I attempted suicide in January and am now being treated for depression, agoraphobia and eating disorders. In addition to pharmaceutical treatments, it was suggested to me to use the tool that I have always used as a life-saving element, the writing, which according to the psychologist … Read more