Postal vouchers under the tree πŸŽ… with really affordable returns, the perfect gift

Postal vouchers under the tree with really affordable returns the

Postal bonds are among the most used forms of investment, among these there is one to be made by Christmas which is really convenient: here’s what you need to know As you may well know, postal bonds are often one of the most used forms of investment, among the different types there is one to … Read more

Black Friday: discounts up to 30% on official SSC Napoli backpacks! Gift ideas for adults and children

Black Friday discounts up to 30 on official SSC Napoli

It started on Black Fridaya week of discounts And offers on Amazon products! As you already know, even the SSC Naples has one official store and these days great new ones have been activated discounts on the school collection dedicated to Napoli supporter children. Even if school has been on for a while, now is … Read more

Alexa turns 4! Here is how much it has evolved and the gift it gives to all users to download

Alexa turned 4! Yes, 4 years have passed since its first release in Italy. It was 2018 and since then, from that first ‘cry’ of hers, Alexa has generated the beauty of over 17 billion of interaction especially allowing the Italians who have used it to save over 6 million hours in 2022 alone. Staggering … Read more

Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi, Chanel Totti receives a minicar as a gift

Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi Chanel Totti receives a minicar

October 24, 2022 10:38 am The second child 15 years old can run around the streets of the capital Who knows if there was father Francesco Totti or mother Ilary Blasi to accompany her daughter to the Eur dealership to collect the gift. “Super delivery to our headquarters for the fantastic Chanel Totti who came … Read more

Goodbye Telepass, finally we will no longer be forced to give them our money: a gift for all motorists –

Goodbye Telepass finally we will no longer be forced to

Finally good news, especially for all those who frequently and regularly use the Telepass service. Several money are expected to be saved thanks to the news we are about to give you. The days when the Telepass toll payment was like a tax seem to be over. Among the typical expenses of the motorist there … Read more

Amazon Prime Day in autumn: 15 gift ideas for less than 50 euros

Amazon is back with the Prime Day of Autumnalso known as’Prime Exclusive Offers“. This event allows you to find interesting offers not only for yourself, but also for others. You have to buy a gift for your better half, for a friend or for a colleague? Today it is cheaper, thanks to the promotions available … Read more

Rental contract for 1 euro per day, an unprecedented gift for these families

Rental contract for 1 euro per day an unprecedented gift

A gift that will surely please most Italian families, with a rental contract for 1 euro. How to get it? Rentals for one euro – THE rental contracts they are scary for Italian families, especially in a period like this when everything increases visibly. There are many people who cannot buy a house, much … Read more

Petrol prices, the gift for all Italians: fuel vouchers are popping up

Petrol prices the gift for all Italians fuel vouchers are

The current national situation, regarding the increase in prices of practically any item, scares citizens not a little. Nothing new on the horizon on the crisis that is sweeping away all citizens’ certainty. This could be said, of course, because in fact the crisis continues and will continue over the coming months. In the meantime, … Read more