Ronaldo obsessed with the Portugal goalkeeper approaches and orders him: “You have to laugh, f**k!”

Ronaldo obsessed with the Portugal goalkeeper approaches and orders him

A video shows what happened at the final whistle of Portugal-Ghana: Cristiano Ronaldo peremptorily addresses his goalkeeper Diogo Costa, making all his leadership weigh. Turn on notifications to receive updates on The Portugal is absolutely not to be underestimated team to these World Cupbacked by a top-level squad: behind the big favorites of the tournament … Read more

Ochoa, the Mexican goalkeeper who every 4 years at the World Cup becomes the superhero with 6 fingers – Il Fatto Quotidiano

A superhero it must necessarily have a physical characteristic that distinguishes it from the others. The supervision, the speed in the legs, the ability to breathe underwater. Even a Mexican hero has one, perfect for the job he does. TO Francisco Guillermo Ochoa Maganasaid Memogoalkeeper and superhero of América and the Mexican National, hands are … Read more

Ochoa, the goalkeeper with 6 fingers and 5 World Cups: and in Qatar he starts hypnotizing Lewandowski

La fermezza di re Carlo III e le lacrime di

The first time in 2006. In 2014 he stopped Neymar and a legend circulated about his hand. A fan put his house up for sale so he wouldn’t leave In an interview dated 2008 they asked him: “Memo, how was the World Cup two years ago in Germany?”. Answer: “Extraordinary experience, we played against squadrons. … Read more

Farewell to Ciccio Garella, the good giant of the first times: the praise of the practicality of a single goalkeeper

There was a time when Claudio Ciccio Garella dived from pole to pole, taking with him all in his pounds and his weird beauty: every time those who saw him thought no, he can’t reach the ball. And yet she succeeded, every time and for many years. Each of his parades was a gamble won, … Read more

TMW – Buffon: “Milan have found a great goalkeeper. Vicario amazed among the youngsters” –

tmw The goalkeeper and captain of Parma Gigi Buffonspoke from the Cloister of Santa Maria Novella in Florence, where tonight we celebrate 20 years of the activity of the Niccolò Galli Foundation “I come because I have always been close to Giovanni Galli’s family, my and my wife’s presence is in honor of Niccolò, I … Read more

The goalkeeper of Figline scores the opponents, Livorno denounces everything: Serie D is at stake

In Tuscany the federal prosecutor on a decisive match for promotion: 5-1 for the Tau who scored 3 goals while the rivals dodged. The Leghorn club, party to the dispute, filed a complaint They were all in disbelief at the Comunale di Altopascio (Lucca) when in injury time the goalkeeper of Figline, the visiting team, … Read more