Higuain: “Bullying immediately changed my life! Soon I’ll say goodbye to football and I’ll live in the USA, I can’t go back to Argentina”

Grand Hotel 3 Anticipazioni 12 agosto 2022 La Quarta Puntata

Latest news. The former Napoli striker Gonzalo Higuain gave a long interview to the microphones of ESPNon the occasion of the meeting of the Argentine national football team a You love methe city where today Higuain lives and plays football in the ranks of Inter Miami CF. Higuain is experiencing an excellent moment of form … Read more

“Soon unavailable”, goodbye to this product on the shelves: indispensable in the fridge

Soon unavailable goodbye to this product on the shelves indispensable

This product between the shelves will disappear completely and is something indispensable. What’s going on? Soon unavailable product – Nanopress.it The products are gradually disappearing from supermarkets and we must not blame the non-delivery, or a change of direction of the company. There are serious problems and over time many products will no longer be … Read more

Britney Spears “I’ve lost self-esteem”: goodbye to the stage? / “I’m pretty traumatized”

The lawyer Zuin and the bursts of scams in the

Britney Spears returns to let off steam with fans, via social media: the years of legal protection have to do with it She returned to reign in the main music charts this summer 2022, with the new single Hold me closer, the duet that Elton John wanted with her following the sentence that released her … Read more

Goodbye WhatsApp: desperate users, it won’t work for them anymore

Goodbye WhatsApp desperate users it wont work for them anymore

Hell and heaven. Only a year ago, still in these times, WhatsApp began to feel the breath on the neck of Telegram, the well-known privacy problems, the revelations of the “mole” on Zuckerberg, a hand brake on the unbridled rush of the world’s number one messaging, since 2014 it has become part of the extended … Read more

Goodbye earphones, this is how music travels through the bones

Goodbye earphones this is how music travels through the bones

Listen to the audio version of the article With all the comforts available today that tend to make our lifestyle sedentary, many have rediscovered the need and pleasure of playing sports. Especially running, swimming and cycling seem to attract more and more enthusiasts who often like a musical accompaniment that gives them the rhythm or … Read more

Meta prepares the revolution of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram: goodbye to completely free services

Until now the world of social media has been free for users. The reason? Simple: the product is actually us and to be precise i our valuable personal data to sell to companies. However, the future will be very different. The American press revealed that Meta is about to start an important revolution: theintroduction of … Read more

Goodbye manual gearbox, in Italy it is a total revolution: there will be no more cars like this

Goodbye manual gearbox in Italy it is a total revolution

Goodbye manual gearbox, the future of cars pushes in a completely different direction, we are living the last years of this romantic instrument. Goodbye manual gearbox – Mtori.News The future brings new technologies And take away othersand one thing we’re about to say hello is the manual transmission. His was it seems come to an … Read more