Electric car for the middle class? Stellantis asks for subsidies from EU governments: “They support consumers”

A 71 year old prince the former AfD deputy and former members

Stellantis is working to do its part to mitigate the costs of switching to an electric vehicle, but it would be desirable for European governments to support final consumers with subsidies, even if this is difficult given the high level of debt of various countries, especially in southern Europe. This was stated by the CEO … Read more

Dear Petrol, great news for the Italians: the Government’s decision

Dear Petrol great news for the Italians the Governments decision

Excellent news for Italians, as far as expensive gasoline is concerned. The government’s decision comes at a delicate moment, the details. In the past, expensive fuel has hardly made itself felt like in 2022. A year, which is about to end, really complicated from the point of view of taxes and various increases. Every motorist … Read more

Energy crisis, with cold winter risk of blackout also for mobile phones. Operators and governments run for cover – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Energy crisis with cold winter risk of blackout also for

Among the sectors that could be affected by an energy emergency during the winter there are also the mobile phone networks. As the agency writes today Reuters the unthinkable could come, dumb cell phones across Europe due to power outages. Telecom industry representatives say they fear that a cold winter could also present this risk. … Read more

Vaccines, here is the government’s plan against Omicron: who will receive the new recall from September

With the arrival of Omicron 5also in Italy i contagions from Covid-19 in recent weeks. As new cases increase, the government begins to prepare for the autumn and it does so by thinking about the vaccination campaign which will return to life between September and October. The government plan the fourth dose (which for some … Read more

Mental health. “In 2019, nearly 1 billion people were living with a disorder. They are the main cause of disability ”. The WHO warning to governments to reverse the course

Suicide was responsible for more than 1 in 100 deaths and 58% of suicides occurred before age 50. People with severe mental health conditions die on average 10 to 20 years earlier than the general population, mostly from preventable physical illnesses. Social and economic inequalities, health emergencies, warfare and the climate crisis are among the … Read more

The rule on building bonuses changes: the government’s choice on banks

The latest provisions included in the Aid decree (approved by the Council of Ministers of Mario Draghi at the beginning of May) provide for a change in the rules on transfers of building bonuses: it is a variation of direct interest thousands of businesses and companies throughout Italy, as well as a series of banking … Read more