Princess Anne, have you ever seen her daughter? Who is the (beautiful) granddaughter of the late Queen Elizabeth – newsby

Princess Anne have you ever seen her daughter Who is

Have you ever seen Princess Anna’s daughter? Photo: LaPresse – newsby Who is Princess Anne’s daughter, Queen Elizabeth’s rarely talked about granddaughter? Very little is said about all those members of the Royal Family who revolve around the “pivotal” figures known to all, namely Kate, William, Harry and Meghan. In fact, if the children of … Read more

Granddaughter of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei arrested in Iran – Middle East

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The ax of the repression of the peaceful revolt of Iranians who demand rights and freedom does not look at anyone. So much so that Farideh Moradkhani, nephew of Supreme Guide Ali Khamenei, also ends up in handcuffs who for two months has seen his regime shake under the blows of locks of hair in … Read more