Zampone, lentils, grapes: what meaning do New Year’s foods have?

Zampone lentils grapes what meaning do New Years foods have

Midnight of New Year’s arrives at different times in the world, following the meridian lines that divide the globe into time zones. However, there is one thing that doesn’t change: the desire to be together, to watch fireworks and of course to consume typical dishes or foods auspicious. This translates into Spain in consuming 12 … Read more

grapes, the email: “We need the tornado”. Here is the meaning of the sentence

grapes the email We need the tornado Here is the

In the sea ​​magnum of the acts that make up the complex investigation of the Turin prosecutor’s office on the “insenseless” “corrective maneuvers” to conceal the real financial situation of Juventus and which led to the process request for 12 individuals – including Andrea Agnelli – and the company itself, there are emails, notes and … Read more