Sinner has blossomed on the grass of Wimbledon, now Djokovic – Tennis

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A new Jannik Sinner has blossomed on the grass of the Wimbledon Central. The first time of the twenty-year-old tennis player from San Candido in the quarter-finals of the Championships is a double emotion: on the one hand the surprise for the unexpected affinity with grass, on the other the confirmation of an irresistible rise … Read more

Sara Croce, crazy side B on the grass: spectacle of nature

Sara Croce crazy side B on the grass spectacle of

Sara Croce is one of the most prominent women in Italian TV with her roles in programs that are becoming increasingly important. Television has always been considered the most powerful means to be able to make a career over time and be able to become a famous person, especially this was the great dream of … Read more