Dear bills: questions to access the PMI fund guarantee are underway

Dear bills, from 30 November you can apply to access the SME fund guarantee. Businesses and professionals can apply for 80 percent coverage on financing for energy costs. The guarantee is granted free of charge in the presence of specific conditions Dear billsfrom 30 November businesses and professionals can apply for admission warranty of the … Read more

Mortgage alarm, skyrocketing prices and a state guarantee: what changes

Grand Hotel 3 Anticipazioni 12 agosto 2022 La Quarta Puntata

The European Central Bank has established the increase of 75 basis points of interest rates to counteract inflation, never so high in the Eurozone. This is a maneuver that inevitably affects families, with a particular impact on those who have chosen a variable rate for the mutual or is paying loans personal. In fact, although … Read more

Tim: guidance upwards, 2 billion of funds as guarantee Sace – CorCom

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Tim’s board of directors approved the financial report as of June 30, 2022. The half-year report shows that group-wide service revenues remain stable at 7 billion euros in the half-year, with organic Ebitda equal to three billion and an improving trend in the second quarter, which allows the group to raise its guidance on Ebitda … Read more

Lagarde prepares the edict of Sintra. That is, Bund as an implicit guarantee of the BTPs. Best wishes

Rereading the events with a cool head, the impression is that of a plan designed at a table. First the post-board press conference of Christine Lagarde, so vague about the new anti-spread shield that it leaves everyone disappointed. And the Italian differential on the Bund in the danger area, even rapidly increasing towards 250 basis … Read more

Tunisia paralyzed, three million workers on strike: the protest against Saied’s choice to freeze wages to guarantee the IMF loan – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Tunisia paralyzed three million workers on strike the protest against

In Tunisia the arm wrestling betweenUgttthe largest trade union in the country, and the president Kais Saied keep on. On Thursday, June 16, the entire North African country was paralyzed by one general strike of the public sector, which involved 159 public administrations and companies and involved around three million workers. Flights canceled, means of … Read more

College of Guarantee: the decisions on Imolese, Pergolettese and Foggia

College of Guarantee the decisions on Imolese Pergolettese and Foggia

TMW / The First Section of the College of Guaranteeat the outcome of the hearing session held today and chaired by the President Vito Branca, took the following decisions: 1) accepted the appeal registered in the RG appeals no. 2/2022, presented, on January 4, 2022, by the company Imolese Calcio 1919 srl and by … Read more