Guendalina Tavassi tells of her husband’s beatings: “Beaten in the head, he broke my nose”

Longevity do genes or physical activity matter more to live

from Fulvio Fiano The 36-year-old tells in the courtroom the content of her complaint to her husband Umberto D’Aponte, from whom she is separating: “He insulted me and threw objects at me” Twelve episodes of mistreatment, injury, damage in the last four years of a marriage that began in 2013 and told in a complaint … Read more

Guendalina Tavassi reveals a background on Estefania and Roger Balduino

In the episode of Afternoon 5 aired yesterday afternoon the former castaway Roger Balduino – who had to leave the reality show for medical reasons – was the undisputed protagonist of the part dedicated to reality. After introducing it to the studio, Barbara D’Urso asked the Brazilian model if he had started dating his ex-girlfriend … Read more

Island of the Famous, the real reason why Guendalina had to leave Honduras

Gwendolyn had to leave theIsland of the Famous even if he left some doubts about the reasons for his abandonment. The Island of the Famous, this is what will happen The nineteenth episode of The Island of the Famousconducted by Ilary Blasi and commented by Vladimir Luxuria and Nicola Savino. The reality is passionate millions … Read more

Isola dei Famosi 2022, Pagelle 17a puntata/ Vladimir Luxuria e Guendalina show…

Pagelle Isola dei Famosi 2022, tutti passi per Vladimir Luxuria e Guendalina Tavassi Vladimir Luxuria e Guendalina Tavassi, in modo diverso, hanno conquistato i telespettatori dell’Isola dei Famosi 2022. La 17esima puntata è stata ricca di colpi di scena e di scontri, in primis quello avvenuto in studio tra Laura Maddaloni e Vladimir Luxuria. Rientrata … Read more

ISOLA DEI FAMOSI 2022 REPORT CARDS AND NOMINATION / Guendalina Tavassi straight to the final

The twelfth episode saw Guendalina Tavassi triumph as leader of the island. The woman managed to beat her brother Edoardo, despite her spite for trying to win. The woman decided to appoint Blind following some old grudges that culminated during the live broadcast in which the young rapper accused Edoardo of being under the control … Read more