How much does Tiziano Ferro earn? The dizzying figures of the guest singer at Verissimo

How much does Tiziano Ferro earn The dizzying figures of

Tiziano Ferro is an artist loved in Italy and abroad for his songs full of reflections and feelings. His life is a rainbow of colors, ready to discover them? Talking about Tiziano Ferro means exploring a life with a thousand facets. Earnings, troubles with the tax authorities, depression, fatherhood, his songs. Web An unmistakable voice, … Read more

Very true, Miriana Trevisan guest with Pago and her son Nicola

Anticipations Amici 22 of 191022 the outcome of the televoting

On the occasion of its splendid first 50 years, Miriana Trevisan intervened a very truethe program led by Silvia Toffanin aired every Saturday and Sunday, The former Vippona of the last edition ofL Big Brother Vip took stock of his career. Miriana Trevisan she said she was proud to have shared a part of her … Read more

Milan-Fiorentina, the case of the guest sector: 500 from Florence without a ticket, the South sides with the Viola. OFFICIAL: the coupons for the Third Green have been canceled

The AC Milan-Fiorentina guest sector is a coincidence. Hours frantic to resolve the problem of the Third Green Ring of San Siro: the risk is that they will find themselves in that slice of the stadium mixed supporters of both teams, notoriously not friends. The reason is that the Rossoneri supporters also bought the tickets … Read more