Ferrari: the secret room for lightning pit stops. Mechanics forced to follow a diet and go to the gym

Ferrari the secret room for lightning pit stops Mechanics forced

Of Daniele Sparisci, sent to Maranello In Maranello 40 exercises a day before the championship, those who change tires are forced to go to the gym three times a week and follow a special diet Inside the big white room in the basement is a single-seater sitting on the tracks, comes from Ferrari 2018 with … Read more

Cardio exercises and weights in the gym: here’s how to balance the two workouts

Of Christine Brown How to combine the two types of exercises to get the maximum benefit. Choosing which activity to do first depends on whether the goal is to lose weight or build muscle mass Physical exercise is essential to be able to live a long and healthy life. There Research has shown that bothcardiovascular … Read more

How to choose the best gym belt if you want to go heavy on weightlifting

How to choose the best gym belt if you want

Everything is fine bobby builder who respects himself knows it well: the gym belt it is a fundamental tool for those who engage in high impact activities. Weights upon weights, of course, but also crossfit & co, to understand each other. Yes, but what exactly is it? A leather or neoprene belt, worn around the … Read more

Lucca, the Cavallerizza gym is inaugurated

Lucca the Cavallerizza gym is inaugurated

From the restructuring of the Cavallerizza Ducale one was born new gym in Lucca, delivered Jan. 9 to the city and high schools. The gymnasium is located in the former Cavallerizza Ducale, adjacent to the Real Collegio, in via della Cavallerizza. The return to class after the Christmas holidays coincides with the official delivery to … Read more

Training in January: tests, gym and specific work – BiciDaStrada

Training in January tests gym and specific work BiciDaStrada

The beginning of the new year is an important crossroads for the athletic preparation of the cyclist. A new season officially begins and with it they come new goals and personal ambitions that may have to do with competition or more simply with the desire to improve.Training in January it is not easy for everyone. … Read more

How does Masnada eat on the day of the double bike + gym? We asked him

How does Masnada eat on the day of the double

Winter preparation by tradition includes gym sessions combined with road workouts. Long and stressful days of workload, which to be optimized must be accompanied by the right portions on the plate. To see how general nutritional advice applies in these cases, we interviewed Fausto Masnada (opening with Evenepoel and Cattaneo), returning from his retreat in … Read more

Belluno, renovated gym at the Calvi institute: safe, modern and functional

After a long wait, in the presence of local and provincial institutions and representatives of parents and children, the new gym of the Calvi institute it was officially inaugurated. To refurbish the structure, one was needed expenditure of more than one million euroscompared to the eight hundred thousand initially foreseen. Structurally they have been done … Read more

Diotti, gym soiled: gymnastics lessons suspended – OglioPoNews

Diotti gym soiled gymnastics lessons suspended OglioPoNews

The Diotti school gym has been defaced and vandalised. Thus, as a punishment but above all to give a message, here is the decision by the school manager Cinzia Dall’Asta to suspend physical education lessons, generally those in which boys and girls have fun with respect to the hours spent on the desks. “We inform … Read more

Still in the gym at 94: England celebrates “Super Mario” Sanna – L’Unione

Still in the gym at 94 England celebrates Super Mario

The longevity and rocky rind of Sardinians are also making headlines in Britain. Merit of Mario Sanna, just turned 94emigrated from the Island – precisely from The Magdalene – in the fifties and celebrated these days by the BBC broadcaster and on the pages of the English press with the nickname of “Super Mario”. The … Read more