Handheld vacuum cleaners tested for you: we tested three, here are our comments

Handheld vacuum cleaners tested for you we tested three here scaled

The electric broom, the robot vacuum cleaner and all the other devices that have piled up in our closet are fine, useful for making our floors very clean. But the kitchen table? The small corners where the robot just can’t get there? And have you ever thought about giving your car seats and carpets a … Read more

Doctor McCoy’s tricorder is reality: OPPO OHealth H1 is the handheld that monitors the health of the whole family

Doctor McCoys tricorder is reality OPPO OHealth H1 is the

The real novelty of OPPO Inno Day is the unpublished OHealth H1the first OHealth brand product designed exclusively for health, which combines six vital signs monitoring functions in a single device. The device weighs 95 grams, has an oval design, with a smooth white surface that vaguely resembles a mouse, and is equipped with a … Read more