Geomagnetic storm on January 19: the origin of the phenomenon and what can happen

Geomagnetic storm on January 19 the origin of the phenomenon

Thousands of solar storms occur during one cycle of the Sun. That of January 19 will be moderated. A peak in intensity is expected in 2025 For January 19th and February 9th conditions of the Sun are expected to be more active than the other days of these weeks, and able to cause geomagnetic storms … Read more

Don’t eat broccoli with yellow flowers. It’s unbelievable what can happen

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Broccoli is a branchy green vegetable that can have purple or typically green flower buds. They belong to the Brassicaceae family, along with cauliflower, cabbage and kale. They can be eaten raw or cooked. A study of Nutrition Research found that regular consumption of steamed broccoli reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Don’t eat broccoli … Read more

Dancing with the Stars, controversy breaks out: what will happen in the final

Dancing with the Stars controversy breaks out what will happen

Bruna Magi December 22, 2022 Final rush of dancing with the Stars towards tomorrow’s final, before Christmas Eve, the following evening there is Holy Mass in St. Peter’s and there was no need to mix the sacred with the profane, see the Giampiero Mughini eliminated with his own sincere admission of being totally unsuitable for … Read more

Oranges, never eat them before going to bed: here’s what could happen

Oranges never eat them before going to bed heres what

Orange is our number one ally, especially in winter, as it is excellent for colds or fevers thanks to its properties. But did you know that you will never have to eat them before going to bed? Unbelievable, what could happen is imaginable. Oranges – The oranges are our ally for cardiovascular, skin and … Read more

Tax bills, what will happen to them by year and amount: the X-ray amnesty

La fermezza di re Carlo III e le lacrime di

The amnesty, or amnesty of tax bills, is the provision that probably interests Italian taxpayers the most. Many families, individuals, businesses and professionals are grappling with tax bills of variable amounts and for different periods. It is inevitable that hearing about amnesty, cancellations, discounts and installments ends up being a common topic. To avoid any … Read more

Juve, the documents of the Prisma investigation arrive at the Federal Prosecutor’s Office. From the fine to the risk of retrocession, what can happen

La fermezza di re Carlo III e le lacrime di

It was 27 October when the Federal Prosecutor Giuseppe Chiné asked the public prosecutors of Turin to access the new documents on the Prisma investigation for which two days earlier the closure of the investigations for false accounting and false invoices against the top management of the Juventus. In recent days, the documentation has arrived … Read more

From the first home under 36 concessions to the drinking water bonus, here are the upcoming deadlines and what will happen in 2023

Ronaldo Playing together with Messi Everything is possible I spoke

Restructuring bonuses Therefore, attention shifts to the whole of 2024. Starting with the restructuring bonus. This bonus, which provides for a 50% deduction on a maximum spending limit of up to 96,000 euros, will remain in force, in its current form, until the end of 2024. In the absence of changes, after that date, the … Read more

Sting on Italian motorists: what will happen from December

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The coming year could hold nasty surprises for them Italian motorists, between the risk of finding yourself with quadrupled costs of insurance policies and that of seeing the price of fuel rise again. Instead, it seems to be able to breathe a sigh of relief with regard to the increases in road fines, which should … Read more

Ronaldo’s new allegations against Manchester United (and what can happen now)

from Andrea Sereni The Portuguese and the interview with Piers Morgan who caused the break with United. New advances: CR7 attacks former teammates Rooney and Neville, takes it out on the Glazers, is treated with icy detachment by Bruno Fernandes Cristiano Ronaldo more and more alone. He ended up with Manchester United after the sensational … Read more