Gold, the price collapses (despite inflation): from safe haven to crisis, what is happening?

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The collapse in the price of gold puts the markets in crisis. The prices reached 1648.6 dollars an ounce, a value at the lowest since August 2020 (in the middle of the pandemic) – down 20% – when it was traveling at an all-time high of 2.034 dollars. Gold has always been considered a safe … Read more

Huge eddies spotted in the water: what’s happening in the sea?

Gemelli tirate fuori gli artigli loroscopo di domani giovedi 22

One would simply say it’s not Photoshop. And no, this time the sentence we are not talking about photos of human bodies in search of perfection, even if it is still perfection: the image returned by NASA’s LandSat 7 satellite, in fact, shows some huge eddies spotted in the watercolorful and so accurate that they … Read more

Parmigiano Reggiano at risk, new alarm: what is happening

In Italy a new alarm is triggered: this time the Parmesan Cheese. The expensive price undermines one of the most appreciated and renowned Italian DOP products both in our country and abroad. The alarm was raised by Roberto Gelfi, the President of the dairy section of Confagricoltura Emilia Romagna: galloping inflation andprice increase due to … Read more

Tim, the stock falls to a minimum. What is happening? – CorCom

Putin forced to downsize the objectives We just want to

The Tim stock was placed in a volatility auction on Piazza Affari: after a progressively more and more negative morning, the stock marked a theoretical decline of 4.7% and then slipped down to -4.8% and rose again, but always with a minus sign, to -3.8%. During the session, the new all-time low was reached at … Read more

Queen Elizabeth, is alarmed about her health: what is happening in these hours –

Queen Elizabeth is alarmed about her health what is happening

There is alarm about the health conditions of Queen Elizabeth II. As official sources reveal, the sovereign will not be present on 5 September for the appointment of the new minister and the “kiss of the hand” ceremony, which this time will take place in Balmoral Castle. Here because. The Platinum Jubilee ended with the … Read more

Something is happening to the trees, not a good sign

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We often take them for granted, but we shouldn’t: they transform carbon dioxide into oxygen, clean the air, refresh the environment and are home and source of nourishment for thousands of animals and microorganisms. They are the treesand with our actions we are putting them at serious risk as well. A troubling study It happens … Read more

Spritz at risk, alarm in Italy: what is happening

The gas crisis jeopardizes one of Italy’s most iconic cocktails: the mythical spritzer. The drink, a real “must” when it comes to aperitifs, is in danger due to the lack of anhydride for food use, which has become less and less available due to transport difficulties and the increase in energy costs. Spritz at risk: … Read more

Terra Amara: Skip the episode of August 15, 2022. Here’s what’s happening

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Tomorrow is Ferragosto, and Terra Amara is taking a day off. But let’s find out together some more details about this change of programming. Terra Amara goes on vacation for a day: tomorrow, Monday 15 August 2022the Turkish soap opera will not air. Here you are what we will see in its place, where we … Read more

Earth is in a hurry, worried scientists: what’s happening (really)

Earth is in a hurry worried scientists whats happening really

A few seconds before midnight but potentially decisive. The Earth accelerates the rotation and this could be a problem. Also IT. One of the basic principles of astronomy concerns the motion of our planet. That rotation on itself which, by opposing the Sun first with one and then the other half of the Globe, allows … Read more

The Earth is spinning too fast: what is happening

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It may seem nonsense, a trifle, but also 1.59 milliseconds they can have important implications. It is a measure that normal clocks cannot even calculate but atomic ones do, and this is what happened to the planet Land last June 29 when the “fastest” day ever was recorded. In practice, the rotational motion ended 24 … Read more