Mourning for William and Kate Middleton. Shameless Harry

William and Kate Middleton they join in the family’s grief for the sudden death of Kuldip Singh Dhillon, a close friend of the Prince of Wales, his father Charles and his brother Harry, with whom they shared a passion for polo. And once again, the Duke of Sussex has managed to embarrass everyone for a … Read more

Harry, the shocking background on Elizabeth’s last moments: “The Queen was dying and they …” –

Harry the shocking background on Elizabeths last moments The Queen

“Harry’s fury” does not subside. Now the Prince returns to a hot topic, that of the last hours of Queen Elizabeth’s life. The Duke is making the Royals tremble who, according to rumors, are tired of having to suffer his vitriolic revelations. It is rumored that this time, Carlo may take action. Prince William’s story: … Read more

Kate Middleton ruthless with Harry: “It doesn’t work with everyone”

Self Kate Middletonlike the rest of the Royal Family, has preferred not to comment on the vitriolic tales Harry has made in his book Shoothe still found a way to answer him in kind. Offering Shoot Harry’s book also on sale online Kate Middleton, Harry’s mental health joke Visiting the Open Door mental health charity … Read more

Kate Middleton returns to public after “Spare” and teaches Harry a lesson

Kate Middleton appeared in public for the first time after the release of Harry’s autobiography, Shoot, in which it is described in the worst way. The Princess of Wales shows superiority and indifference and shines in Liverpool by re-presenting his tartan coatgreen and blue, by Holland Cooper, which is part of his magnificent collection of … Read more

Harry “is not welcome at the coronation of King Charles III”. For Buckingham Palace the “escort son” has exaggerated

The new Lancia logo marks the era of electric mobility

The success achieved by the burning memoir «Spare» (400,000 copies were sold in England on Wednesday alone and Harry earned between 9 and 12 million pounds) could not be without consequences. The ex-prince’s confessions are so harsh, so tough is the reaction of Buckingham Palace which has already made it known through the “senior royals” … Read more

Camilla: the evil stepmother of the story? For Harry and William it just seems like that, that’s why

Camilla the evil stepmother of the story For Harry and

Home » Camilla: the evil stepmother of the story? For Harry and William it just seems like that, that’s why What happened between Camilla, Harry and William. The two brothers united in at least one aspect, now another bomb explodes. Camilla with Carlo and her two sons by Carlo (Photo Twitter – Camilla, for … Read more

Harry, in Spare the revelations about Charles III and the joke that hurt him: “I’m not your father”. Buckingham Palace’s no comment

“I wonder if I’m really your real father.” This, according to the stories of Prince Harry, one of the jokes, who loved to make him her father, making fun of the rumors according to which Lady Diana’s second son would be the son of one of her former lovers, Major James Hewitt. Relations in the … Read more

Harry, the book “Spare” comes out and the royal family prepares the operations room

Harry the book Spare comes out and the royal family

January 10, 2023 10:31 Will William and King Charles be able to maintain their demeanor and line of silence? Goodbye forever to England It now seems clear that Prince Harry after this broadside to the royal family is aware that there is no turning back. For him, Californian life will … Read more

Harry “in pieces”, everything he said on TV (and in the book): “Nobody is ready to defend me, Camilla was dangerous”

La legge di Pecco Bagnaia come Rossi come Agostini come

Of Paula DeCarolis The prince’s autobiography will be released tomorrow but the second son of Charles and Diana, after the slights suffered, still hopes for a reconciliation: “The ball is in their field” LONDON – The feeling that no one in the family is ready to defend him and his wife, the break with a … Read more

Harry blames the paparazzi for Diana’s death: “While she was dying, they photographed”

La legge di Pecco Bagnaia come Rossi come Agostini come

Of Paula DeCarolis The prince’s interview with journalist Tom Bradby for the launch of his book “Spare” . The rivalry with William and his brother’s episodes of violence. And the possibility of mending: «The ball is in their field» LONDON – People’s wet hands, discomfort, guilt. The memories of that day when the world suddenly … Read more