Salami withdrawn from supermarkets due to Listeria and Salmonella alarm: recalled by the Ministry of Health

1675348825 Salami withdrawn from supermarkets due to Listeria and Salmonella alarm

Salami withdrawn from supermarket shelves due to the possible presence of Listeria and Salmonella: what are the risks and what to do in case of purchase Posted on: 02-02-2023 12:11 PROFESSIONAL JOURNALIST Professional journalist, I write about news, politics and the economy: I worked for La Repubblica, La Stampa, Sky, Il Manifesto, Ansa, Rai and … Read more

Bottled water, watch the label: this number can do damage to your health – YouTube Magazine

Bottled water watch the label this number can do damage

Plastic bottled water – Before buying bottles of water at the supermarket, read the label carefully. In this way, the food product that is added to the cart is perfectly known. It would be impossible to live without water, humanity’s most precious asset. Since ancient times, populations settled along the banks of rivers (just … Read more

Smartphones kill our physical health: Study is scary

Smartphones kill our physical health Study is scary

Did you know that smartphones can kill our physical health: what a study reveals is truly frightening! Care must be taken. The smartphones they have long been man’s right hand, the shadow that never leaves us and that follows us everywhere. But these do not always bring us benefits. Mobile phone with applications in the … Read more

Gimbe, Covid in decline. In 7 days -38.2% of cases and -25.7% of victims – Health & Wellness

Gimbe Covid in decline In 7 days 382 of cases

New cases, hospitalizations (-16.8%) and victims of Covid (-25.7%) in Italy fall by 38.2%. The independent monitoring of the Gimbe Foundation detects in the week 6-12 January 2023, compared to the previous one, a decrease in new cases (84,060 compared to 135,977) and deaths (576 compared to 775). Currently positive cases are also decreasing (353,643 … Read more

Flight of doctors, Covid, expensive bills and few funds: “Health care one step away from the crash”

Flight of doctors Covid expensive bills and few funds Health

Listen to the audio version of the article Almost three years of a pandemic that swept hospitals like a tsunami, now also grappling with expensive bills that eat up a large part of the extra funds from the maneuver. Added to this is the chronic shortage of personnel with doctors and nurses fleeing the most … Read more

Covid, Kraken soon dominant in the EU and WHO recommends masks indoors – Health & Wellness

1673666788 Covid Kraken soon dominant in the EU and WHO recommends

Kraken extends its tentacles in Europe. Appeared in the United States, where it has already spread widely, the Omicron XBB.1.5 subvariant named after a legendary sea monster has crossed the Atlantic and could become dominant in the Old Continent “in the next one or two months”. This is the prediction of the European Center for … Read more

Where do you store tap water to drink it at the table? Be careful, you could seriously risk the health of the whole family

Where do you store tap water to drink it at

Do you also have the habit of storing tap water like this? Maybe you should know one thing, it affects your health. Tap water and bottled water are different, everyone knows that, but one thing you should know. Many people think that tap water can be kept in bottles for a long time. However, not … Read more

Demographic collapse, the alarm of gynecologists: «Reverse course and protect the health of parents. Children are made when they are young”

Demographic collapse the alarm of gynecologists Reverse course and protect

It was renamed as “Demographic winter”. A winter that has lasted for several seasons. Less and less born. While, in recent years, deaths due to Covid have reached very high figures. The coldness of the numbers and their comparison help us understand the situation we are in: in 2019 there were 634,000 deaths against 746,000 … Read more

Minister Schillaci launches checks on drug shortages – Health & Wellness

Minister Schillaci launches checks on drug shortages Health

A permanent working table, checks and measures to stop the shortage of medicines. This is the response of the Minister of Health Orazio Schillaci to a problem “which has reached levels never seen even in the midst of the Covid emergency” according to the distributors. Over 3,000 specialties are temporarily missing, including many in common … Read more

Health alarm, the doctor attacked: “I’m leaving the medical profession” – Friuli VG

Health alarm the doctor attacked Im leaving the medical profession

“I’ve been thinking about it for some time. I’m leaving the medical profession. This episode was an opportunity to decide to do something else”. The intern said so Adelaide Andriani, 28 years old, attacked in Udine while she was on duty as a medical guard, speaking with the deputy governor of the Fvg, Riccardo Riccardi. … Read more