From jellyfish to burns and ear infections, the summer-saving vademecum – Health & Wellness

Stop to thermal cars the prospects for Italy

Not only heat stroke and sunburn on the beach, but also contact with jellyfish, swimmer’s ear infections and insect bites: holidays also bring risks, which it is important to keep in mind so as not to be caught unprepared. Among those most often ignored are those for the eyes. “Beyond avoid using contact lenses for … Read more

Covid: 38,219 cases, 175 deaths. Hospitalizations are decreasing. Down the incidence and Rt – Health & Wellness

Here are the advances and postponements of Serie A Milan

I’m 38,219 new infections from Covid recorded in the last 24 hours, according to data from the Ministry of Health. Yesterday there were 42,976 infected. The victims are 175, up from 161 yesterday. The rate is 17%, stable from 17.7% yesterday. A total of 223,852 swabs were performed, including antigenic and molecular. On the other … Read more

Smallpox of monkeys. Here are the categories for which the vaccine is recommended. First 4,200 doses will be distributed in the 4 most affected regions. The circulars of the Ministry of Health

The categories for which the vaccine is recommended include laboratory personnel with possible direct exposure to orthopoxvirus and gay, transgender, bisexual and other men who have sex with men (MSM), who fall into a series of risk criteria. First doses of the vaccine will be distributed in the regions most affected at the moment: Lombardy, … Read more

Smallpox of the monkeys, the vaccine arrives: first tranches to 4 regions – Health & Wellness

Smallpox monkeys: WHO, global health emergency © ANSA / EPA Green light for monkeypox vaccination with extended use of existing smallpox vaccine. A circular from the Ministry of Health, in fact, indicates the modalities and the audience of immunization. “At the moment, the mode of contagion and the speed of spread – we read – … Read more

Smallpox of monkeys. Cases rise in Italy. Possible quarantines for close contacts. The new circular of the Ministry of Health

by LF There are 505 cases of monkeypox in our country, 26 more than in the last survey 4 days ago. From the Ministry comes new indications on the management of case management, close contacts and tests. As regards the indications on vaccination, a new ad hoc document will have to be prepared. THE CIRCULAR … Read more

Feet: the fundamental signs not to be ignored to safeguard health

Feet the fundamental signs not to be ignored to safeguard

Home ” Feet: the fundamental signs not to be ignored to safeguard health Your feet also say a lot about your health and there are some signs you shouldn’t ignore. Here’s what to look out for. Feet (Unsplash) THE MOST READ ARTICLES OF TODAY: An average person takes 7,000 to 13,000 steps a day. Whenever … Read more

Smallpox of the monkeys: the circular of the Ministry of Health arrives. Possible quarantines and passive surveillance – Chronicle

They arrived at 505 cases from monkeypox in Italy. The infection continues to develop almost exclusively among males (501) compared to only 4 cases among women, according to the latest bulletin of Ministry of Health. “In specific environmental and epidemiological contexts, based on the assessments of the health authoritiesthe application of quarantine measures“. Is what … Read more

Queen Elizabeth, health conditions leave you disconcerted. The photo makes you pale

Queen Elizabeth health conditions leave you disconcerted The photo makes

These last few years have been really heavy for Queen Elizabeth, her health conditions on several occasions have made not only her subjects but the whole world tremble. Queen Elizabeth has really had to endure some really tough years just lately a year ago he left us his lifelong partnerhis husband Prince Philip almost on … Read more

For colon cancer, liquid biopsy guides treatments and avoids unnecessary ones – Health & Wellness

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The choice of the right therapy, for the right patient, at the right time: a goal that seems closer for metastatic colorectal cancer, thanks to the liquid biopsy that allows to analyze the circulating tumor DNA through a blood sample and thus to select patients based on the molecular characteristics of the tumor at that … Read more

Air conditioner filters: where to find them and how to clean them to avoid health risks and increases in bills

Air conditioner filters where to find them and how to

Those who own the air conditioner know that they must clean the filters or, if necessary, replace them to avoid unnecessary health risks. Actually, cleaning the air conditioner filters should be done twice a year. Before switching on and also at the end of summer. Canva This is to allow the correct operation of the … Read more