WhatsApp has hidden a feature | We found it and everyone can use it – Player.it

WhatsApp has hidden a feature We found it and

Whatsapp has a bunch of features that make life easier for those who use this messaging app. Some of these are simple to find and use, while others are more hidden. There is a Whatsapp function that you almost certainly don’t know and that you absolutely must learn. WhatsApp is a messaging app that has … Read more

Bill and hidden items: here’s where you can save

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Details of costs and consumption in electricity billespecially with inflation and the current economic crisis, is an aspect that is starting to be increasingly taken into consideration by users, also with the aim of being able to identify some way to save. In the accompanying sheets, however, only a few mandatory items are indicated, including, … Read more

The hidden codes of your phone, find out what you can do with the numeric keypad – solofinanza.it

The hidden codes of your phone find out what you

solofinanza.it By now almost every person in the world has a mobile phone, almost without excluding children or the elderly, who are increasingly approaching the world of telephony, abandoning older generation smartphones to enjoy the advantages of applications. Although by now anyone knows how to use messaging platforms such as Whatsapp, social networks such as … Read more

The hidden cause behind the protests in China

The hidden cause behind the protests in China

Behind the protests these days in Chinain addition toexasperation with lockdowns and pandemic quarantines, there is an older cause: high and growing youth unemployment. Especially among graduates. a figure in contrast with the image we have of the Asian giant as a success story, an economic miracle. Not everything shines in the undeniable success, and … Read more

Did you know that your car has a secret menu in the on-board computer? Here’s how to find hidden data – Mondofuoristrada.it

Did you know that your car has a secret menu

Every modern car that has an on-board computer also has a secret menu, did you know that? Here’s how to access the hidden submenu and what you can find inside. In today’s cars theelectronics has an increasingly predominant function, which is why car control units are increasingly sophisticated. In the most modern models, there is … Read more

Luggage rack, this hidden component has a very specific function: very few know it | You will no longer be able to do without it – solomotori.it

Luggage rack this hidden component has a very specific function

Our cars have a lot of parts and components that we often don’t use and sometimes we don’t even know exist. In the end, driving is a simple thing and for basic operations such as getting in gear, loading some luggage and using the infotainment, we don’t care much more. But cars are full of … Read more

There’s something hidden under the Antarctic ice sheet – it’s the first time it’s seen

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According to an ancient African proverb, when the river is full it also becomes “silent”. Certainly this last adjective fits perfectly for a very long stream of water identified for the first time by the scientists at South Pole. It was located just below the ice cap and is of considerable size to say the … Read more

Killer asteroid discovered, it was hidden from sunlight. NASA: “It could have impact against the Earth”

Killer asteroid discovered it was hidden from sunlight NASA It

Asteroids – For a long time, the glow of the Sun hid a trio of space rocks that could pose a problem to the planet. Of the three asteroids recently discovered by astronomers, two are so massive that they have been described as “planet killers” – and one has the potential to traverse the orbit … Read more

They rent a vacation rental on Airbnb, swap on the sofa and find they are being spied on by a hidden webcam: “It was shocking”

Anticipations Amici 22 of 191022 the outcome of the televoting

That privacy is now a chimera is unfortunately known, but what tourists can rest assured about is that they will never be filmed in their hotel rooms. At least that’s how it should be by law. They booked an apartment on Airbnb and were shocked. Mike and Michaela Kennedy from Cardiff, Wales, shared their experience … Read more

Juve funds: prosecutors, hidden erosion of share capital – Sport

A castle of lies, fictions and accounting tricks. This emerges from the 19 pages of the indictment in the investigation into Juventus funds that the Turin prosecutor notified the president Andrea Agnelli, the vice president Pavel Nedved and thirteen other suspects for crimes that, for various reasons, range from false invoices to false corporate communications, … Read more