Lukashenko’s dilemma: to help Putin (who holds him in power) or listen to the country. ‘If he enters the war, he risks new revolts’ – Il Fatto Quotidiano

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The Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko faces a difficult choice. The escalation desired by the Kremlin in Ukrainewhich culminated in partial mobilization of the Russian army and in theannexation of the occupied territories, requires the adoption of a clear position, exactly what Lukashenko has avoided doing in recent months. The Belarusian regime, starting in February, acted … Read more

Ukraine, Biden evokes nuclear Armageddon: “Putin is not joking” | But the White House holds back

Ukraine Biden evokes nuclear Armageddon Putin is not joking

What way out for Putin? – The successes of the Ukrainian counter-offensive in the south-east are a source of satisfaction for Biden, but at the same time some concern. “We are trying to understand what Putin’s way out might be,” said the US president. Adding that the Russian “is not joking when he talks about … Read more

Paola Caruso, the bikini no longer holds up: the breasts are too big

Paola Caruso the bikini no longer holds up the breasts

Join the group job offers, bonuses, disability, law 104, pensions and news Receive free news on job vacancies and the economy every day Telegram – Group Facebook – Group Paola Caruso is one of the women who ever had the strength and perseverance to be considered one of the most beautiful of all. If there … Read more

Ukraine immediately into the European Union? “No, no shortcuts.” Scholz holds back the intentions of Draghi and Von der Leyen. Here are the reasons – Il Fatto Quotidiano

“Ukraine immediately in the EU”. The appeal has circulated in rallies, TV studios, chancelleries and even at the top of the European institutions in recent months. If the expansion of the Born to the East it is considered by Fly the main threat to his security, so much so that he decided to invade the … Read more

Specter recession holds back the price lists, Milan keeps up with energy purchases

Positive EU stock exchanges Milan in the wake of

Listen to the audio version of the article (Il Sole 24 Ore Radiocor) – Weak closing for European stock exchanges at the end of a cautious session, held back by Chinese data. And in the evening a mixed closing for Wall Street. In Piazza Affari the Ftse Mib finished trading flat (-0.06%), in Paris the … Read more