“The lady is dead.” Spits and blows to the doctor, a ward of the Sant’Andrea hospital in Rome is devastated

Ronaldo Playing together with Messi Everything is possible I spoke

Sant’Andrea Hospital: a patient admitted to the ward of Oncology he dies and his family lash out at doctors and nurses. It happened last January 3, first aggression of the new year in a hospital, the umpteenth that is consumed in the Roman structures where unions and doctors are once again sounding the alarm asking … Read more

“It’s just a flu”: Two-year-old girl sent home from hospital dies a few hours later

Its just a flu Two year old girl sent home from hospital

The 22-month-old girl had had a cold for some time but for the doctors it was a simple virus that had to be treated with paracetamol. Parents prepare the case Posted on: 05-01-2023 13:57 JOURNALIST Journalist, screenwriter, graduated in Communication Sciences. I write because I adored the sound of my grandfather’s Olivetti and because, due … Read more

Paola Caruso discharged from hospital: “I need rest”. What disease does his son Michele have? The details that have not escaped the fans

Paula Caruso she was discharged after hospitalization. «Finally home with my love». She let her fans know on Instagram. The showgirl had a psychophysical breakdown after discovering that her son Michele was ill. «I never recovered from Michele’s misfortune, my body suffered too great a trauma. I tried to be strong for my son who … Read more

Paola Caruso in hospital, physical collapse: “My son’s misfortune is too great a trauma”

Paola Caruso in hospital physical collapse My sons misfortune is

04 January 2023 10:11 The showgirl scares the followers with her social shot: shortly before Christmas she had told of her Michele’s health problems Paola Caruso prefers not to go into the specifics of what happened to her son Michele, and also remains vague about his health conditions. He is … Read more

Major Hospital of Bologna. Malignant arrhythmia treated with a small artificial heart

Transcatheter ablation procedure performed, intervening on relapsing malignant arrhythmias, dangerous for a woman’s life and difficult to treat with pharmacological therapies. Ablation is a procedure thanks to which it is possible to identify and interrupt the pathological electrical circuits of the heart: in this case there was a very high frequency of ventricular tachycardia which … Read more

Maneuver: hospital suppliers, stop payback or it will be a catastrophe – Chronicle

Maneuver hospital suppliers stop payback or it will be a

“The government does not address the issue of the payback maneuver and puts the national health system at risk”. This is stated, even speaking of a possible “health catastrophe”, by Fifo Sanità (Italian federation of hospital suppliers belonging to Confcommercio Imprese per l’Italia), which, in a note, reiterates “the concrete risk of an imminent lack … Read more

Pope John’s first 10 years: “Everyone’s hospital, which keeps its Bergamo heart” – BergamoNews

Bergamo. It’s been ten years, but it’s like yesterday. After all, a slightly vintage song also said it, “certain loves make immense rounds and then come back”. And the theme of love, even if most might turn up their noses, is absolutely present, even when it comes to the hospital Pope John XXIII. Yes, precisely … Read more

Like Area 51: the Umbrian hospital still in a Covid frenzy – Claudio Romiti

Inspired by the last video of Mario Giordano published on these pages, which basically denounces the Pilates immobility in de facto decreeing the end of any health restriction, I would like to tell an unpleasant story of ordinary viral madness that occurred to me a few days ago at the entrance to a public hospital … Read more

Michelle Hunziker found it like this: attached to pipes and machinery | the rush to the hospital – YouTubee Magazine

Michelle Hunziker found it like this attached to pipes and

Michelle Hunziker, a beautiful and professional woman in one piece, will soon become a grandmother for the first time. And this, as she also told the same about her on her social networks, where she is very active, makes her heart full of joy, as well as immense emotion. She returned single, after the end … Read more

“Ambulance to Gf ​​Vip”, rushed to hospital: what happened – newsby

Ambulance to Gf ​​Vip rushed to hospital what happened

Big Brother Vip – Newsby The news leaked from the mouth of the person concerned, Daniele Dal Moro, who in front of the cameras of Big Brother Vip, in the middle of a discussion, made it known that he had been urgently hospitalized. The Big Brother VIP, keep glued to the small screen million viewers. … Read more