LIVE – Zaniolo, Milan pulls back definitively. In the next 48 hours Bournemouth will try to convince the player

1674762202 LIVE – Zaniolo Milan pulls back definitively In the

LATEST NEWS AS ROMA – The discourse linked to the possible continues to hold the court in Rome sale of Nicolò Zaniolo before 31 January at 20, when the transfer market will close in Italy. The Milan remains the team that is pushing the hardest to have it after the Tottenham he called himself off … Read more

“It’s just a flu”: Two-year-old girl sent home from hospital dies a few hours later

Its just a flu Two year old girl sent home from hospital

The 22-month-old girl had had a cold for some time but for the doctors it was a simple virus that had to be treated with paracetamol. Parents prepare the case Posted on: 05-01-2023 13:57 JOURNALIST Journalist, screenwriter, graduated in Communication Sciences. I write because I adored the sound of my grandfather’s Olivetti and because, due … Read more

Pelé’s last hours: this is how Brazil mourns the king of the world

La legge di Pecco Bagnaia come Rossi come Agostini come

Colon cancer has caused the gradual failure of various organs of the former star. Santos has already set up a structure to host the vigil Brazil and the world of football are in tears. The sky team gains a very noble reinforcement. Edson Arantes do Nascimento, born Pelé, O Rei, the Black Pearl, the God … Read more

Alfonso Signorini, tragic awakening: unfortunately the news is of these hours | There is nothing left to do –

Alfonso Signorini tragic awakening unfortunately the news is of these

Alfonso Signorini-Lineadiretta24 How will the host of Big Brother Vip react, it seems for the last year, when he knows what’s going on behind his back? Alfonso Signorini is conducting the seventh edition of Big Brother VIP. Perhaps not everyone remembers that before being the conductor in the last 4 Vip editions, he was a … Read more

Zelensky expected in Washington in the next few hours. He will speak to Congress and see Biden

Mario Caucci ex husband of Noemi Bocchi He knows what

Of Viviana Mazza from New York the first trip of the Ukrainian president outside his country since the beginning of the war. Nancy Pelosi has already warned all the parliamentarians who will meet in joint session FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT IN NEW YORK — Volodymir Zelensky expected at White Housewhere today, Wednesday 21 December, I will … Read more

Gerry Scotti, the sudden tragedy: “Everyone loved you” | It happened in these hours

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Gerry Scotti is one of the most loved Italian television hosts by the public. He has years of experience behind him and continues to work in the entertainment world, in the last few hours the man has made the sad announcement on social media. Gerry Scottipseudonym of Virginio Scottiis one of the most loved Italian … Read more

Qatargate, the EU Parliament dismisses Kaili. And his partner Giorgi talks for hours with the investigators

Qatargate the EU Parliament dismisses Kaili And his partner Giorgi

Eva Kaili was dismissed. On the vice-president of the European Parliamentengulfed in scandal Qatargatethe request of the Conference of Presidents of the Eurochamber which in the morning voted unanimously the early termination of the assignment, arrested as part of the investigation of corruption with Qatar. The house then ratified the proposal shortly after noon with … Read more

Goodbye Alfonso Signorini, the sudden news of these hours: we will no longer see him there –

Goodbye Alfonso Signorini the sudden news of these hours we

The news that upsets the web is the farewell to Alfonso Signorini: but will it really be like this? Let’s find out more about this story The world of gossip and entertainment revolves around a single person who has always demonstrated competence, seriousness and professionalism not only through his gossip in the magazine Chi Magazine … Read more

World Cup, Infantino’s irritating nonsense a few hours before Qatar 2022

Anticipations Amici 22 of 191022 the outcome of the televoting

Infantino, these could have been spared.He had to keep to himself the words he spoke at the press conference, when even the expression on his face yielded to the evidence of the facts and the pressure of criticism. What it brought out all its limits, the same ones that led it to snub any criticism … Read more

EMS fitness that in 20 minutes is worth 2 hours in the gym

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

The new method is based on the digital technology thanks to which the different districts are stimulated by electrical impulses modulated ad hoc, which make i work deep muscles, optimizing their work and thus reducing the workout time. The method was born in Germany and is spreading rapidly in France, Spain, Switzerland and now also … Read more