Andrew Tate arrested for human trafficking. Greta Thunberg’s comment after the dispute on December 28: “Here’s what happens when…” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Israel the new government of Netanyahu is born the

The controversial online influencer Andrew Tate has been arrested in Romansa as part of an investigation into human trafficking and rape. As confirmed by his lawyer at BBC, Tate was arrested along with his brother Tristan after a raid on his home in Bucharest, Romania. The former kickboxer rose to fame in 2016 when he … Read more

Artificial intelligence, speaks the Italian that is conquering the sector: «The control and the leap remain with human beings»

Artificial intelligence speaks the Italian that is conquering the sector

Albert Rizzoli was born in Rome, 29 years ago. He lives in London and has been CEO of since 2018 V7an AI company that recently got its own second loan of venture capital: 33 million dollars. “They should give us room to grow the company over the next two years,” he explains open – «I … Read more

Sweden extradites a member of the PKK to Turkey (to join NATO) and the Kurds in the country rebel: “Stockholm violates human rights” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Ronaldo Playing together with Messi Everything is possible I spoke

The negotiations between Sweden And Turkey for the entry of Stockholm in Born they seem to be giving the first results. In early December, the government of the European country extradited him Mahmut Tatformer militant of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (Pkk) convicted in Turkey to 6 years and 10 months in prison because of his … Read more

Umana Reyer Venice – Dolomites Energy Trentino 72-73 | HUMAN REYER

Umana Reyer Venice – Dolomites Energy Trentino 72 73 HUMAN

partials: 20-14; 35-33; 53-57 Umana Reyer: Spissu, Tessitori, Parks 3, Freeman 11, Sima ne, Moraschini 23, De Nicolao, Granger 2, Chillo, Brooks 7, Willis 6, Watt 20. All. De Raffaele.Dolomites: Conti 5, Spagnolo 12, Forray 7, Udom 9, Dell’Anna ne, Crawford 11, Ladurner 4, Grazulis 12, Atkins 11, Lockett. All. Molin. First home defeat of … Read more

Saudi Arabia, like Qatar, violates human rights: Lega, Milan and Inter, it’s the ‘Super Cup of money’

Lasse con lAustria le mosse sui contratti come lItalia puo

The news, guiltily passed over in silence in Italian football, social and political circles, is chand the thirty-fifth Superlega final between Milan and Inter will be played in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, on 18 January. That is a month after the end of the World Cup in Qatar. Saudi Arabia is, like Qatar, … Read more

“France and Spain violate the human rights of migrants”

Lasse con lAustria le mosse sui contratti come lItalia puo

“Countries that we consider liberal democracies such as Australia, Japan and New Zealand and the US have more restrictive laws than Italy, both incoming and outgoing”. Cristina Fasone, associate professor of comparative public law at Luiss, takes stock of immigration laws in the rest of the world. But, is a tougher line being adopted towards … Read more

The hybrid brain with human and rat neurons –

Human and mouse neurons that weave connections and cooperate to respond to signals: this happened in a Stanford University experiment, a demonstration that could pave the way for new therapies for neurological and psychiatric diseases. A group of scientists transplanted aggregates of human neurons into the brains of newborn rats. The nerve cells got along … Read more

Biasphenol A, what it is, uses and effects on human health: in the crosshairs for cancers and obesity

1665948467 Biasphenol A what it is uses and effects on human

It is a monomer in the production of polycarbonate (PC) items used to contain and protect food and beverages, but are we certain that it is completely harmless to human health? Bisphenol A (photo @ THE MOST READ ARTICLES TODAY: We often hear about diseases caused by the consumption of food contaminated with toxic … Read more



TERAMO – Stefano Bertuzzione of the most important top managers in the American scientific world, internationally renowned researcher, alongside Anthony Fauci in American health policies for the control of Covid. Valerio Rossi AlbertiniCNR physicist and academic, the virologist Janice Ciacci Zanellathe biologist Edward C. Holmesprofessor at the University of Sydney e Stacey Schultz-CherrDeputy Director of … Read more

Carpegna Ham Pesaro – Human Reyer Venice 90-89 | HUMAN REYER

Carpegna Ham Pesaro Human Reyer Venice 90 89 HUMAN

Partials: 26-18; 51-37; 75-65 Carpegna Prosciutto: Kravic 15, Abdur-Rahkman 11, Visconti, Moretti 15, Tambone 15, Stazzonelli ne, Mazzola 12, Charalampopoulos 8, Totè 5, Cheatham 7. All. Repesa. Human Reyer: Spissu 5, Tessitori 3, Freeman 32, Bramos 9, Sima, De Nicolao, Granger, Chillo ne, Brooks 6, Willis 16, Chapelli ne, Watt 18. All. De Raffaele. In … Read more