Because high intensity training kills hunger

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from Christine Brown Scientists have discovered a new molecule produced in high quantities after strenuous physical activity (but not after walking). The hypothesis that it is capable of reducing appetite Those who train often ask themselves the question: why do you feel hungry after certain exercises and not at all after others? In particular after … Read more

Food crisis tightens grip on 19 “hunger hotspots” as famine looms in the Horn of Africa

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

ROME – The number of people facing acute food insecurity around the world is expected to continue to rise precipitously as the food crisis tightens its grip on 19 “hunger hotspot“- driven by escalating conflicts, extreme weather and economic instability exacerbated by the pandemic and the knock-on effects of the crisis in Ukraine, according to … Read more

In Norway, Tesla customers go on hunger strike against Musk

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Apparently infuriated by the poor build quality, some Tesla owners wanted to attract the attention of Elon Musk in this way. The hunger strike it is normally associated with noble causes and, without bothering Mahatma Gandhi, even in modern times, the activists who have chosen this extreme form of protest they did it to raise … Read more

10 effective and simple remedies to relieve hunger pangs in less than 5 minutes

Sometimes, we are in the throes of real hunger pangs, which will induce us to eat anything. If these are frequent, they will end up affecting our physical fitness and our general balance. Hence, resisting them is really important for both our physical and mental well-being. However, it is not easy, especially when accompanied by … Read more

Nervous hunger, these 8 foods fill you up instantly. Goodbye feelings of guilt

Nervous hunger these 8 foods fill you up instantly Goodbye

Nervous hunger is one of the current problems that affects more and more people in the world, involving any social and generational class, regardless of age and gender. Nervous hunger (Photo by fidelio AdobeStock) THE MOST READ ARTICLES TODAY: Sometimes you are not always really hungry, that sense of emptiness is linked to stress, worries, … Read more

The grain road is interrupted: who in the world is at risk of hunger

from Michele Farina The war has exacerbated the crisis: harvests in danger, trade using land routes impossible War is a matter (also) of calories: agricultural exports from Ukraine provided enough to keep 400 million people alive in the world, from Africa to Asia via the Middle East. Agriculture Minister Mykola Solskiy tells the Economist that, … Read more

The stomach that always rumbles even in the absence of hunger and after eating could be the indicator of these disorders

Everyone hears their stomach rumbling and sometimes quite loud. Not infrequently this can also cause us a certain embarrassment. Several times it happens, needless to do it on purpose, that his mumbling occurs in public and that he goes to break a moment of silence. However unpleasant this may be, it would often be completely … Read more