Suzuki S-Cross 140 Volt: behind the wheel of the full hybrid version

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At the wheel of the Suzuki S-Cross with the new 140 Volt hybrid engine. After the “mild” S-Cross, this is how a “full” hybrid goes, even more attentive to fuel consumption and emissions. How much it consumes and the price Alessio Macaluso @ alessiomacaluso 21 September – VERONA In the “raised” range of the Suzuki … Read more

Mercedes c63 amg, with the hybrid flies like a Lamborghini: 680 hp of pure power –

Mercedes c63 amg with the hybrid flies like a Lamborghini

The C63 amg SE Performance, the new release from Mercedes, promises exhilarating performance. Every new Mercedes car release is an event, and now there is no exception. 680 hp of power for the latest technology hybrid engine. The new evolutionary model from Mercedes C63 it is in the name of renewal and the transition to … Read more

Suzuki S-Cross Hybrid 1.5 140V: prova e come funziona il SUV ibrido Suzuki (4×4)

Suzuki S Cross Hybrid 15 140V prova e come funziona il

Suzuki S-Cross Hybrid 140 V è la nuova proposta di una gamma che diventa sempre più ricca di opzioni e varianti. A fronte di una strategia con pochissimi allestimenti e tutti completi, infatti, i giapponesi hanno deciso di proporre più motorizzazioni ibride, e questo potrebbe creare un po’ di confusione tra il modello mild hybrid … Read more

Hybrid car tax, but what a saving: if you do not pay this tax you will get a fine per day

Hybrid car tax but what a saving if you do

When we buy hybrid cars we must be careful to calculate the tax to be paid to the region. Here is the whole truth about the costs to be made. Hybrid cars saving stamp – Motori.News When we are in one dealership or in a shop of retailers of Automobiles we are always uncertain about … Read more

Plug-in hybrid cars, the real consumption? Triple of what was declared

It is not the first time that the issue of consumption of plug-in hybrid cars has been addressed, those that can be recharged at the power outlet. Today it is a study carried out by the Fraunhofer Institute for System and Innovation Research in Karlsruhe that sheds light on the subject again. In fact, according … Read more

New Mercedes Glc, 100 km electric plug-in hybrid

Mild hybrid and rechargeable hybrid engines on tap for the new version of the German SUV. Prices have not yet been disclosed Alessandro Pinto 02 June – Milan Evolve without upsetting a model you like like Mercedes Glc. It seems the line followed in Stuttgart for the second generation of the best-selling SUV of the … Read more

Fiat Tipo Station Wagon: Comfortable, this hybrid

Double choice There Fiat Tipo keeps up with the times by adding this 48-volt 131-horsepower hybrid to the 1.0 petrol and 1.3 and 1.6 diesel engines, offered both in the sedan version (the 5-door) and in the Station Wagon subject of this test. The mechanics are the same that recently debuted with the Jeep Compass … Read more

New Jeep Compass 2022-2023 between official hybrid model and an unreleased SUV on the way

There range of Jeep Compass 2022-2023 is now enriched with a new, atypical engine, halfway between the 48 V mild hybrid and the conventional hybrid. Pleasant and smooth on the road, this mechanism remains discreet as long as sudden starts are avoided. So let’s deepen: New official hybrid model of Jeep Compass 2022-2023 The restyling … Read more